Thursday, April 28, 2005

Yes, I have had a crappy day!

Read this, and then this.

Right, you done? OK, the day I've had today is crappier than those two put together.

Seriously. I was temping this morning (at an office which was so boring that when I temped there last October, I created my blog in between the phone ringing er..... once?!) But anyway, I was there for 3 hours then I was supposed to meet my lovely husband for lunch. Except, that there was a "cluster-fuck"* happening at his office, so he couldn't make it. And I was sooooo looking forward to meeting him. Then I was supposed to go shopping. That Mexican guy in the second story? I bumped into him at the store AGAIN! and not only did I get dirty looks from him and his little Mexican offspring too, he knocked my cart out of the way three times. Three fucking times! Deliberately I might add. I wanted to take that walking stick of his and shove it right where it hurts. Bastard.

I came home, and realised that we have people coming to look at the house tonight so I have to run around like a headless chicken and tidy up!

But I didn't. I came to my computer, talked "literally" to Ms Mac and her very attractive, sexy, husband who likes to chew gum - allegedly. Downloaded a bunch of stuff, and broke my computer.

So really, thats all I have to say. Now I need some cheap crappy wine and some good lovin' from my man.

my friends is the only way this day could come to being remotely OK. How was your day?

ADDED LATER ********

For the benefit of Antipodeese et al, I have been informed that the definition of "cluster fuck" is like 20 people trying to have sex in a Volkswagon while being attacked by a school or piranas while under water. Also, see chinese fire drill**. Yep, a cluster fuck!

** Chinese Fire Drill - a bunch of people in a car, stopped at a traffic light. Then they have to get out, run around the car one time and be seated in a different seat than the one they were in - before a light change!

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