Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday stuff

To me, to you.

OK, I was reading this article today, and just about fell off my chair.

For you Non-English people out there, "The Chuckle Brothers" is a show for kids (toddler-type kids) and is pretty funny if you are a toddler-type kid. Actually, if you are completely shitfaced, it is a funny show too - I know, I've been there! Anyway, two things, well three actually, jumped out at me while reading this story.

One: His real name is Barry Chuckle? I thought it was a stage name! You know, like I thought his real name would be Robert Evans or something, but Barry Chuckle? Had me chuckling I can tell you!

Two: She was stated as being starstruck. Starstruck? Are you kidding me? If you are one of the toddlers then yes, be starstruck. But at 37? and he's a grandad. He's hardly what I would call a star! Oh and isn't he just drop dead gorgeous! I'm hoping that Ms Mac puts him as one of her boyfriends of the week. and soon!

Three: She says that "he's a slimebag and a sleazeball who could have ruined her life". So she obviously had no part in this? I mean, she wasn't at the services (like a cheap hooker) waiting for the right person to come along at the right time. Amazing!

Baghdad or Downtown Cleveland?


With a crater/pot-hole like that, you tell me!

Scott Peterson is locked away so it can't be him!

I hate being all judgemental (I know, it shows doesn't it!) but please, someone make me a bet that the fiancee had nothing to do with it!

Is my computer trying to tell me something?


Don't even get me started!

I said, don't even get me started on this or this. It's a long road, one I WILL go down but you will regret it! :)

A shout out to Stella and Craig!

Hey guys! As many of you folks out there know, I have a very good blogging buddy, Ms Mac! Well,for the past couple of weeks, we have talked on the phone, on the video camera etc., and will soon be meeting! Yep, we are flying to Switzerland in September for a week! Just for Stella and her man. Well, Stella is meeting Antipodeeese first (whose comments box appears to be overflowing with comments about my boobs!) in France on Saturday! I was all jealous at first that I wasn't meeting her first, but then I remembered, I met Kim and Stella didn't *I'm really not sticking my tongue out going Naa na na na naaaa*. So anyway Stella, Craig and Antipodees. Have a great time and I hope the weather holds out for you!

And that my friends, is how I am blogging for Friday. I am in a great mood, I am going to visit all my friends, Jon, Richard, Kim etc., Hope you Friday is as good as mine!

Added later:

Apparently Barry Chuckle isn't his real name - phew! I was just in shock at the actual story that I didn't even see that! Thanks Tiff!

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