Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A New Look For a New Me

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have decided to change a few things about myself. Many personal things, but some not so much. My weight par example, is personal but you all get to see how big I am so maybe this isn't totally a personal thing.

I recently joined Weight Watchers and am now in the midst of my fourth week. I have lost 11 lbs which is pretty good I think, not that you can see this loss anywhere. Nope. It hasn't come off my big butt nor my chubby cheeks. I'm sure it will come off my boobs which quite frankly, I'd rather it stayed there, but beggars can't be choosers. As long as it keeps coming off is all that matters. Weight Watchers is pretty good I guess, although if you ever get on the message boards? OH MY GOD! Some people on there are complete and utter beyotches! Say the wrong thing and boy are you in trouble! If you say something like "Oh, I went to my weigh in and only lost one pound" they jump through your internet connection and all but wring your neck! *speaks in a chokey voice* Just because I can lose a pound in a week no need to be all Hatin'!!! Oh the joys of weight loss!

I also decided to get my hair cut. It has been a straggly mess for some time now and it was time to GET IT OFF! While not going quite so Britney, it is short! Here are the before and after pics:

Before the colorNew MeAfter the color....

I LOVE it. I colored it this morning a rather lovely deep chocolate brown (the orange, grey and burnt something or other just wasn't working!) and it is now my most favorite cut ever. I was going to go blonde but then I'd look like Posh:

and there can only be room in the world for one gorgeous piece of loveliness so I stayed dark and dusky.......

Plus the Blonde Posh chose? Sooooooooo in the NOT column of the Hot or Not list..... don't you agree? *

Aside from that, my trip to California is canceled. Issues and other stuff. We are however, going to New York on the 12th March for the day - in case anyone wanted to meet up for lunch or something........ That should be pretty good. You know I *heart* NY and we have plenty of things planned for while we are there.... Visiting the Bronx, walking through Central Park, visiting Manhattan and eating at a proper NY Deli etc,.

We were going to visit South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore:

I've always ALWAYS wanted to go there however it costs more to fly there from Cleveland than it does to fly to Hawaii!!! I KNOW! So we decided that the Presidents can wait....

We have other little day trips planned over the next couple of weeks (if you are in driving distance of Ohio - 4 hours give or take and want to meet up for lunch or a coffee let me know) so that's something to look forward to I guess.

And that my friends is it for today.

Oh. My daughter wants her nose piercing. At least it isn't a tattoo!

* Not that I won't change my color in a week or so which means that I will totally be in the HOT list.....

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