Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tramp Stamps* and The Like.........

This afternoon, I casually walked past Daniel - my 16 year old, who was laid on the sofa watching TV. Daniel - my 16 year old, wasn't watching anything interesting. Actually, what I'm going to talk about isn't anything to do with the TV my 16 year old was watching.

What I'm going to talk about is this.

As I was casually walking past my 16 year old, I noticed something on his arm. On my 16 year olds arm.

(are we getting the 16 year old theme yet? Coz it's important!)

I stopped, leaned in for a closer look and tat's when I saw it. (That wasn't a spelling mistake BY THE WAY, more a pun within a pun).

A TATTOO. ON MY 16 YEAR OLDS ARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF???

I told him to stand up while I looked even closer, and I asked him - in a calm manner - when he had it done. "Ages ago" he said. I ran my finger over the tattoo and could clearly feel ridges. Fresh ridges. I told him that I thought you had to be 18 or older to get a tattoo or at the very least if you are 16, you have to have a parent with you when getting it done. "Yeah....." he confirmed. I asked him whether he had used a fake ID to get it and he actually told me that there was a guy who works for a tattoo place that does them on the side.

Is anyone else feeling pretty speechless?

The tattoo is quite a nice one (if you can get past the idea that it is an illegal tattoo on MY 16 YEAR OLDS ARM) and luckily for Dan HAS been done by a professional. Thank God he didn't want a crappy boy-band stuck on there that would age like Donny Osmond, or that the artiste wasn't dyslexic..... The exact reasons why an adult should be there.

So what do I do?

Grounding Dan isn't going to make the tattoo disappear, nor will it make him think twice about getting another. The one he has right now is one that he has been saying for a long time, that he would get when he was older.......

He won't tell me the name of the artist so I'm stuck there........

So I'm basically stuck with a 16 YEAR OLD and a tattoo.

I have plenty - however I am waaaaaay old enough to have them and didn't get them in an illegal manner.

So there you have it folks. Amongst many things that are going on in my life right now, this has been just one of the highlights. Don't you wish you could live right here with me and experience this one on one yourself? Within 24 hours you'd be drunk and wishing to be anywhere but here.......

Mine is considered a tramp stamp also known as a 'butt slut', 'ass antlers' and 'slag tag' but I think it's tastefully done and pretty thank you very much......

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