Saturday, March 03, 2007


Apparently someone searched for me *ggrrrrrrrrrr*

They didn't just open the internet like a book, close their eyes and stamp their finger on a random word that happened to read "Andrea Knapp".

They actively searched for "Andrea Knapp" and found me. For what reason you may ask?

They don't know me. They have met me in passing maybe once. Maybe they were bored, and as you all know, I try to bring joy and laughter to the world and maybe this was what the Dr called for. His prescription probably read:

"Take One Andrea Knapp, 4 times a day and thus Joy and Laughter shall re-enter your world. *side effects may include inner peace, low blood pressure and harmony".

I'm not sure whether they searched my blog or just Googled me (it didn't hurt - honest) but apparently they found a picture on my Flickr account, and 'reported' it to someone else. This picture - if it's the one I'm thinking of - wasn't even a bad picture, believe me, I've had many taken. It wasn't a derogatory picture and neither was it blasphemous in any way. However, to appease the world of 'family I wish I didn't have', I removed it.*

Sometimes, there is just no pleasing people. They are simply idiots. You know who you are!

In other news, someone else called Andrea Knapp - a young girl in Germany, Googled her own name to prove a point to her boyfriend that there was someone else in the world with the same name. She sent me an e-mail telling me how happy she was to prove him wrong!** I can only hope that I'm bringing nothing but good things to the family name.

What else can I tell you about? Last night George and I went to a reverse raffle (I don't understand it so please don't ask). We spent ALOT of money and won a Large Pizza (I'm on a diet) and a free mens haircut (George is a #2 all over - and I do it for him). Woo Hoo for raffles *NOT*

We went shopping for one of these this morning:

Now that Nick - the Official Cat litter person (when he felt like it of course) has left the building (more on that tomorrow), we needed someone to do it.

I'm not that person.

So we became the super lazy people we always hated and now, we are an automatic family.

and finally........................

George is up to his old tricks of the poetry. If you know him, you know his blog. Feel free to read and vomit. I know I did.

This ends the exciting week of me. What have you been doing?

* Do they even REALISE how many bad things I could write about but have refrained? and if you know me, you know how impossibly hard that is.......

** Isn't that the whole reason women live for? To prove men wrong?

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