Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Impression* of Monet? Hhhhhmmmm Not so great.


Over the past few days, George and I have decided to change a few things about ourselves/lives. We thought that maybe we should spend more time together, doing things we wouldn't normally do - and don't be reading TOO much into that please!

The first thing we thought we would do is try and add a bit of culture to our somewhat 'cultureless' lives. Living by Cleveland, Ohio this may seem somewhat of an impossibility. However, George reminded me that we DO have an Art Museum and when he last checked, there was a Monet Exhibit. He likes that kind of art so I thought I'd go and see what all the fuss was about.

Yesterday morning, we made all the plans, and headed off downtown to be 'critiques of art'. Let me start by saying that within the first two minutes of being there I was pissed off. I asked if I could take my camera into the museum. I have seen plenty of pictures on Flickr of people in Art Museums so didn't think this would be a big fuss. Well, the woman at the counter who must have been all of 102 years old was all flustered and had to find help to answer my question. Eventually, she came back and said no, that the paintings were owned by other people and something about copyrights and something else about theft and something else about arthritis and pudding etc., and so on. I left her to her ramblings.

We walked around the museum and FIRST OFF, let me tell you that most of the exhibit is pictures OF the paintings (yeah, I can't take pictures of pictures of paintings? Are you KIDDING me?) Then, when we did get around to some ACTUAL paintings, they were crap. Half of them looked like he had done a slap dash job and were so pale you could hardly see what they were supposed to be. Now don't get me wrong. I KNOW that it is 'each to his own' and that while I like Beans on Toast others don't and vice-versa with PB&J, however, what I didn't expect to see were pictures where he looked like he was just using up the last bit of paint in the tube. Even George, the Monet lover wasn't impressed so I know it wasn't just me.

Monet HAS painted some nice pictures, take this for example:

yet, not all are this good. I tried to Google some of his crap pictures but even Google didn't have them. What does that tell you? It tells me that Cleveland Art Musuem just put the dregs up. I didn't even buy anything from the museum shop so I think that gives a fairly accurate description of what I thought of Monet that day.

So, with $30+ down the drain, we decided to try and redeem the day by visiting the Cleveland Museum of Natural History right next door. Cheaper to get in and somewhat more interesting. Again, George is into all that kind of thing, dinosaurs, evolution, and what have you. *yawns*

Sue-RexYou know me and shiny things....

It was actually pretty good! We went to the planetarium, saw a great show on the stars, comets and oh, the meteor that is planning to almost hit Earth in 2029. But the best bit of this museum? The museum shop. We bought one of these:

Images galore

The Viewmaster 5000**

and let me tell you, even if we hadn't been inside the Museum and had just bought this, the day would have been perfect! Anyone who knows me, KNOWS I *heart* anything 3D. Really and I spent a good hour just looking in AWE at the pictures this brilliant toy showed me. I just KNOW there is Viewmaster website and I shall be from here on out, ordering the discs of anything and everything - cheap and great 'just thinking of you gifts' for a friend (aherm......)

To cap off the perfect day? I came home and a book I ordered had arrived in the mail:

For the Dallas in me!

(with 'King County Library, WA' CLEARLY printed all over it!!!!!)

and we watched a DVD - The Departed, long but BRILLIANT and the last 10 minutes? Mind blowing.

So there you have it folks. What I did yesterday. Today, I shall be taking my daughter and her friend to the mall (and leaving them there for my husband to pick up later - I don't do Malls!) and then going shopping for some end tables. Exciting n'est pas?

*geddit? Impression? hahahahahaha
** Technically not a Viewmaster 5000, just a plain old Viewmaster but I think the 5000 added some kind effect don't you?

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