Thursday, May 25, 2006

Plate me people, plate me.......

Tomorrow, I finally get my new vehicle. My CRV Special Edition. I am hoping they have it in black, but I'd take gold at a push.

But now, I have a dilemma. What shall I have as my personal plates? I have two already in mind.


VAH J J (Big Grey's Anatomy fan of course)
TV BIRD (Er....hello?)

So if you want to help out, go here and try out whatever you can think of. Fairly obvious where to go, personalised plates etc., Don't try dirty words as it throws them back at you with a big "Nu-uh!!!!!!" while waving its finger at you!

So have imagination, be different but let it be applicable to me! If I like it, you may very well have plated me!


Here she is!

Honda CRV SE - MINE!!!!!

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