Thursday, May 25, 2006

Getting to know you...........................

Now that all my favorite TV shows (Lost, Greys Anatomy, Survivor and The Amazing Race) have finished for the season, I am like a flower about to bloom and grow.

I have a couple of weeks - until the new season of shows start, The Biggest Loser, and Rescue Me to start, to get re-acquainted with people outside of the TV world.

I can go out to the bar on TAO night, go to the movies with my kids, spend more time with family and friends, travel to see my one friend Terrin in Xenia, sit out on the new deck that will be re-built shortly, you know, all the stuff normal non-tv-liking people do (my fingers almost bled typing that! I mean, come on, who doesn't like TV?) I swear people think I went agoraphobic.

But, by the by. It will be great. I will be acting like normal people, getting out and about. I feel almost faint at the thought.

But talking of TV - and you knew I would!!!!!, I have a couple of things to say:
  • I know Conviction is going to be cancelled and I want to vomit. It's a good show.
  • I heard Invasion is going to be cancelled. I WILL vomit blood if that happens. What will I do without my weekly serving of the delicious Sheriff Underlay? I'd like to 'lay under' him if you know what I mean!!!
  • Was anyone else LOST at the end of this seasons LOST? If not, please e-mail me and tell me what was the whole deal with the end and the snow.
  • I have watched so much American TV lately that I happened to watch some English shows this week and I had difficulty understanding them. I'm losing my English-ness!!
  • I hate season finales. I truly am the most nervous, on the edge of my seat, TV watcher ever and it pisses me off.
and finally.......................

I didn't watch one episode of American Idol this year. But, I found this video on YouTube and I HAD to put it on here for you. I HAD to. Now, I have this thing for surprise singers showing up behind the screen on some unsuspecting person. I swear, I get goosebumps, and I almost want to cry! I get that 'good feeling' and it doesn't matter WHO it is!

So, watch this and enjoy.

and how hot is Clay looking these days?

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