Thursday, June 01, 2006

DOA: Cause of death - Mosquito

I am not usually a person that suffers badly from bug bites whether it be a spider, ant, or (insert bug type here). But the other day, I went to watch Georgia's softball scrimmage and apparently sat down in Mosquito lane, Mozzieville.


Yep. Hundreds of these critters attacked me with a vengeance. I looked like I was doing some kind of idiotic dance, slapping left, right and center and shaking my head so my ponytail could be put to use too.

Did anyone come to my rescue?
Offer aid to the needy?

Nope. I can only assume they couldn't see me through the Mosquito mist.

At first my injuries didn't seem too bad (though the trauma was indelibly marked on my mind) but once I got home, the itching began, and continued, and NEVER STOPPED!!!!!!

Bug bites

These marks on the picture up there? That is nothing! It's the bottom half of my left leg. There are only about 6 bites there. I have - count 'em - 28 bites. They cover me from my arms, my belly (how did they get there?), my thighs, my knees right down to my toes.

It doesn't stop there though. You know how whenever you see someone scratching or hear that someone has nits (headlice) and you just start itching? Well that's me. I can't stop! I was writhing around in bed last night like an idiot. George thought I was being all amorous but no, he was just a scratching post for me and with my barely shaved legs, he was almost kindle!

I swear, the heat, the flames, the relief!

New bumps are appearing on an hourly basis - so fast in fact that I think I'm going to be Walgreens bound for some Calamine lotion. Yep, looking like a spotted pink poodle is much better than scratching. Take it from me!

In other news, we bought a pool. It won't be installed for a while though but it's bought! Looking forward to that.

The work on the bar downstairs starts on Monday with all the shit we bought for it being delivered tomorrow. George is totally looking forward to that. Especially as we have lots of visitors coming this year.

I still haven't chosen the plate for my CRV but I'll be making the decision tomorrow as I have to go to the BMV shortly.

My camera broke. I dropped it. George thinks I did it deliberately but I didn't!!!!!! I am thinking though that to repair it may be more expensive than buying a new one so who knows. I need to check out new cameras!

and that's it!

Till later...................

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