Sunday, June 26, 2005

Good Nightly, Twice Nightly

Todays post will be in two parts.

First, I was going to blog about the great weekend I have had (hence me not posting regularly), but then I came home this evening and read the BBC news and found to my chagrin that the guy I wrote about in this post had died.

I don't usually read obits, but here is his in case you wanted to read all about this fabulous man.

Now, I am not one of those people that takes it to heart when famous people die. I don't hang around buying tickets to their funeral, I don't mourn them forever and a day, I don't buy shit like this:

but this guy's passing made me feel sad for some reason. He spoke with a proper Yorkshire accent, he was on live TV (calendar no less!):


and when we got our first color TV, my dad had a bet between us kids. We had to guess what color tie Richard Whiteley was wearing and I got it right! I just grew up with him being on TV. He had no major influence on me other than giving me a 2 pound gift voucher that I can recall but he was always there! I shall miss him.

(In fact, I do the Countdown music all the time here when timing someone out and they have no idea what I am doing - but you English folk do!!!!)

So Richard Whiteley, Twice Nightly, R.I.P

Richard Whitely

Part two:

My weekend!

We went out for dinner with our great friends Rick and Jill, and then back to theirs for drinks, swimming in the pool till midnight (the pool temperature was 88 degrees!) and the hot tub!

Proof of the wine at the restaurant?


(I always keep every cork from every bottle of wine for good memories!)

Saturday was a day for chilling out and recovering from the previous night (ask G how many times he threw up!) and then our friend Scotts party! Here are a couple of pics:

Lincoln trying - in vain - to catch a frisbee!

Scotties Back yard







Hottie Rachel!


Oh, and while we were there!? My officers ticketed us!


Did you get that? MY officers gave US a ticket! So that will be sorted out on Monday!

Then today we went to ANOTHER pool party! Pictures here:

Jill with a flower in her hair!


My Flip flop for Nicole!

My flip flops (for Nicole)

Kevin doing the 'white man' dance!


The fabulous pool!


Rick with his tool!

Rick with his tool!

One of my current fave drinks!

My current fave drink!

Me and Jill!

me and Jill

Me in lamp!

Me in lamp!

So now my weekend is almost over! it is 7:32pm. I will now go on the deck with George, drink a drink for Richard Whiteley, listen to my absolute favourite singer now - Alex Lloyd, and bask in the fading sunshine.

I hope you all had a good weekend and I shall be blogging again tomorrow!

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