Friday, June 24, 2005

It's Answertime...............doo doo doo doo.......*set to Hammertime music*.......

You asked, and here they are:

Stella asked:

"What is your fondest memory of your courtship with G?"

There really wasn't much of a courtship as we had met and married within about two months. But I do remember that prior to him coming to my house, I realised I hadn't been shopping. So when he actually got to my house and met 'properly', he had worked up a hunger. Upon looking in my cupboards, he saw that I was rather like Ms Hubbard! The only thing I had in aside from custard powder and OXO's were a few packet of Ramen noodles:


So he had them! Then, once I took him to meet my mum, she asked if he had eaten so of course he told her yes and she was SOOOOOOOOO pissed with me for feeding him noodles after his 'epic' journey! So, she fed him properly, and the look on G's face of "Why didn't I meet you first?" was priceless!

How did you know he was the one?

Because, he laughed at what I said (though now I realise that it was because he couldn't understand a thing I was saying so was laughing at what he felt were appropriate moments!), we had so much in common, and I just 'felt' happy even with just talking to him.

If you could change one thing about your life now, what would it be?

A while back I would have had a list of a million things, but you know what? If I had changed even the slightest thing? I would not be where I am right now so I'd have to say nothing!

My Mum (in the red) asked:

What courtship!?

Hey, I wasn't THAT easy! There may have been a week or so long courtship!

Spirit of Owl - The great Elf Short wearer asked:

When exactly did you realise that moving to clean, tended streets in a warm climate was better than staying here in ruddy Yorkshire? Eh??

Before I met G, that's when! Whenever I leave here to go back and visit Leeds, it never ceases to amaze me how ratty the streets are. People pay for dustbin men, and the local councils to have clean streets yet, where is your money going folks? It always seems cramped, and I feel crowded and suffocated, and then I come back here and I can breathe! and don't even get me started with the weather! I just knew I was destined to meet G, be here and living the life I am - does that sound really corny?

Mongakim asked:

"Will I EVER see you again? Are you using a Magic 8 Ball to do this? Because, I was thinking answering all of your questions via the Magic 8 Ball might be really amusing"

Yes Kim, I feel you may meet up with us soon! If you had told us earlier, we would sooooo be going to Put-in-Bay with you guys! We love it there. I don't have a magic 8 ball, but if I did it would say "yes".

Nicole asked:

Do you think we will ever meet?

Yes I believe we shall! I have so far met Kim, am going to meet with Mr and Ms Mac in August, I know Tiff, and will be meeting with Michael in Las Vegas in September! So I have no doubt we will eventually meet, sooner or later!

What is your favorite thing about the States?

Everything! The weather, the people, the lifestyle, the TV, the Movies, the bars, the places you can visit, the people, everything!

What do you miss most about home? (other than family)

Cheap Taxi cabs. Whenever you go out here, you always have to have a designated driver or you don't go far. You are screwed! SO I miss Taxis. Oh and Cheese and Beans on Jacket potatos after the night out!

If I get divorced will you set me up with Tricky?

Yes I will try!

How did you come up with your kids names?

Dan was going to be called Jack, but at the last minute it went back to Dan. A whopping almost 10 pounder! Nick was always going to be Nick, don't know why! and Georgia? Well her full name was Georgia Rae, and before I had her, my mum and I were thinking of names. She was going to be called Leilani (Hawaiian for flower I think that would have eventually been shortened to Lily) but then Mick Jagger had a baby girl called Georgia (for where she was concieved) May (for the month she was concieved) and Aieesha (apparently for the sound Jerry made when she reached the I wasn't too happy with May nor the Aieesha bit, so we decided on Georgia Rae which I am happy with and suits her to a T!

Do you and G want to have kids together or are you done?

I am so done.

Do you like Canadians?

Why yes, yes I do. Who cannot love Colin Mochrie? William Shatner? Keanu Reeves? Howie Mandel? You!

What is your favorite meal, including dessert?

A lovely Sunday dinner prepared by my mum, followed by sliced bananas covered with milk and sugar!

Noone reminded me:

Mention RT and tell the Mullet story when you answer the "do you like Canadians?" question !! eh

So, there used to be this guy that worked for G called Rich Taylor. He was Canadian, and had a mullet that I adored and I loved him. He was so cute, and we both loved Canada. Anyway, he left for another job in Reno, so we said our goodbyes! Then one day, I got a package in the mail, addressed to me from him. There was obviously something inside it, and I'm not used to getting packages from people who work for G (fnar fnar) so I thought I had better wait till he got home to open it! Who knows what could have been in it? A pair of boxers? Who knew? So G came home, I opened it and you will never guess what was inside?

A clear plastic zip-loc bag. Full of his hair! He had had his hair cut and sent me his mullet! And you know what folks? This was over three years ago and I still have it! I think that was the funniest thing I have ever got in the mail, and the fact that he thought to send it to me? Well, shows just how good a friend he was. (and no, this doesn't mean I want to start getting all your hair clippings!!!!!!)

My question is, are we drinking heavily tonight? I need to AND can we do it out somewhere?

Folks, we DID go out, but did not drink heavily. However, we came home, went to bed, received a phone call from a dear friend who needed someone 'who agreed with her thoughts' and we went back out, had a laugh and then came back home to bed.

Sis asked:

You know those really cute pink flip flops you got??? I still REALLY want a pair,.... WHERE did you find them??? Lame question I know, but I'm desperate... I'm so shoe picky it's not even funny.... just figures I find a pair but someone else owns them. What size are you???

I can't remember! I'm sorry! I got them last year. The name on them says "No Boundaries". I'm guessing they were from either K-Mart, Wal-Mart or Payless. Yes. I am that big a spender! I don't get my shoes from anywhere else! I guess you may be able to check on Google, type in No Boundaries shoes and see where that gets you!

Jon asked:

Do you do impressions of any other Bloggers? or is it just Bryanboy Fabulouso?

I may like to see pictoral evidence of any more that you can do for us!

I aim to please!


My 'attempt' at Bryanboy Fabulouso (Or whatever he is called - if you surf BE, you know who I mean!)

I do other great impressions too! Let me know and I'll get a picture of this fabulous event!

Mr Eccentric asked:

When you say, "ask me anything," that definitely leaves open quite a few possibilities.

So, here's my question:

Do the curtains match the drapes?

Mr Eccentric. I am 35 years old (I think, or am I 36? *counts on fingers*). They haven't matched since I was 12!

Stella (again) asked:

Are you not back yet? * Drumming fingers patiently!*

I am here! I have been typing this post! But here it is! Hopefully you are all satisfied!

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