Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Famous People I have met................

While my previous post Andrea: She's just like us! went out of it's way to prove that er..... I am like us!, I have mingled with a few celebs, and want you to know that you too, can do it! You can achieve the high status that is "The Mingler"...... (That was MingLer, not Minger!).

Anyway, lets get on with it.

First on my list of celeb friends, is none other than Richard Whitely.

Richard Whitely

He just received an O.B.E (Order of the British Empire - I think!) which I believe entitles him to be called Sir Richard. I think this makes him almost Royalty (well it does in my book!) Now, I first met Sir Richard back when I was in Primary/Kindergarten school. It was the Queens Silver Jubilee which was back in 1977 so I was 8. My school had to do some drawings (for which the Queen* herself was going to ponder over and judge!!!!!!) , and I drew a pretty good one. However, my friend Philippa - said through gritted teeth copied my drawing down to the jewel in the crown. So I had 5 minutes to re-draw another one. This was even better and I won! I had to go to my local shopping center and collect my prize from Sir Richard. It was a two pound gift voucher for any shop in the center and I bought some sandals. Stripey ones that oddly enough are in fashion again! Whodathunk? Sir Richard is the host of a fabulous show called Countdown, where you have to have brains and be able to do 'conundrums' and be able make words from letters etc., Great show.

Celebrity number two.

Mr Willis

Mr Phil Willis MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough

Now, before he was even famous for being an MP, he used to be the Headmaster/Principal of my school John Smeaton High School. He was awful. But he's famous so he's in my list. 'Nuff said.

Celebrity Number three

The one, the only, Keith Chegwin.................................

Keith Chegwin

Co-host of the fantabulous Multi-Colored SwapShop. 1976 - 1982. Now, my meeting with Keith happened in County Durham, where he was doing the roadshow. They were doing a competition for the best hula hoop hooper I guess you could call it, and there I was, on stage hula hooping away, on national Saturday morning TV. Sparks flew between us, romance lingered but I was young, he was not my type and he went and married Maggie Philbin and became the Posh and Becks of their time.......

So there you have it folks. My celebrity status just moved higher up the ladder I think. Do you still feel like Andrea: She's one of us!? I guess I should be asking, Are you one of us?

*Queen - Seeing as I kinda in a roundabout way had some kind of connection with the Queen, she really should be on my list of celebs, but three is enough for now don't you think?


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