Monday, June 27, 2005

My dryer broke........ aw shucks!!!!

Can we have a moment of silence please?

*tumbleweed rolls by*


Now you'd think I'd be thrilled about this!

I mean, I love shopping (for new household appliances), I hate washing and sorting clothes and ironing (which hasn't been used by me since I moved in here), but I was on a roll this morning. 6 loads done, about 3 more to do.

Then nothing. Silence. It gave up on me.

My dryer breathed it's last breath, with a faint whimper, a lint laden cough and then it succumbed to the light, and now rests peacefully in the graveyard - future possesion of some nerdy geek with a penchant for Junkyard Wars!


R.I.P Dryer 2000 - 2005

You were a great friend of 5 years and will be missed

Tomorrow I get a new one, AND my updated Drivers License so I have to be up early to look all glam for the picture there!

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