Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Things I learned today......

  • That even though my kids all have alarm clocks, they apparently don't have the intelligence it takes to learn to use them never mind actually set them.
  • That they just expect me to take them to school regardless.
  • That blonde just isn't my color. I tried and tried to live with it, but the roots grew so quick they almost had trees planted.
  • That my new color is in fact this, dark golden blonde which if you ask me looks light brown, but whatever:

  • Now, if only the cheekbones and fabulous green eyes came with it, I'd be set!
  • That if you sell your story to the newspapers, all the skeletons will come out! I'm just glad that none of mine have surfaced! (and I didn't get a penny!)
  • That you CAN dye your hair AND pack and when you feel peckish, nip out to the local KFC to get some boneless Honey BBQ wings, you CAN go with your hair still in coloring-mode and no-one will bat an eye!
  • That I have so much crap stored in my house I'm gonna run out of bin liners to throw them out with.
  • That Kim really wouldn't have minded if I used her toilet when I popped around to see her.
  • That me telling you all I have sopping knickers from looking at Bjorn Borg doesn't go down too well.
  • That my husband likes to write poems about me.
  • That people think I should kick his arse because of them! (I won't)
  • That even with all this packed? I still have at least three times this amount to box.

DSCF2335 DSCF2336
  • That while Ms Mac may have the alps, I have deer a-plenty whenever I go out for a drive.

  • That I have no patience and can't hold my own water never mind cliffhanging stories from TV (Yes, I told Ms Mac the finale stuff from last nights Desperate Housewives!)
  • That I miss blogging and should never ever miss a single day.
What did you learn today?

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