Saturday, April 16, 2005

Infamy, they have it infamy.....

I was having a look at Richards fabulous 100 list, and I noticed that his #5 states he was on the front page of a newspaper. (He hasn't yet divulged the full details, but keep an eye out, it may be in the works).

Then I remembered that I, yes I - Andrea Knapp, have been mentioned in a newspaper. Not once. TWICE! I also have the proof!

Lets look at story #1. (An awful pic too) In the Daily Mirror no less. Hey, none of that National Enquirer rubbish here for me. Circulation of a million or more I'd say.


Now, a couple of things you need to know about this article (aside from how nasty I look). The first thing is, see that laptop? I'm sitting in a field. Exactly how am I communicating with the electronic world? never mind my husband to be? Honestly. I felt like such an idiot. There were people driving by beeping their horns etc., That would be one of the most embarrassing things ever. Secondly, the picture of George? Was the only picture I had seen of him, and I agreed to meet and marry him! Ha! I'd kill my daughter if she ever came home and said "Mum, I'm getting married to John Smith of Blah Blah America, here's a polaroid of him". But it was OK for me to do it! And, how about that corny arsed title? Yep, that crappy film with Meg Ryan had just come out so of course, they tied it in. 'Cept I'm no Meg Ryan and he ain't no Tom Hanks! (But I still love you baby!)

So, things obviously worked out coz 5 years later, we renewed our vows. The reason behind this was that our first marriage was a quick wedding chapel type of thing. Not in the glamorous Las Vegas, oh no, Bloomington Hills, Michigan if I recall correctly. The vicar or whatever you want to call her was really nice though. I laughed my way through the entire ceremony, much to the chagrin of G's parents. So anyway, now that we know it was working out, and we had a made a bunch of new friends, we decided to glam it up a bit. Our friends Rick and Jill have a gorgeous house, with a massive pool etc., for which they throw pool parties, often with a theme. So we thought, hey, we'd do a wedding theme. So this time, we wore actual wedding outfits, a white dress (stop that sniggering over there, I can hear you!) etc., had stag/hen or bachelor/ette parties, best man, maid of honor etc., My mum and Uncle flew in for it. It was a most excellent day. Well, the reporter at the Yorkshire Evening Post had kept in touch and kept wanting to do a follow up story. So we thought "Why not?"

Here is article #2. (I must say, I feel alot better at my looks in this one).


My first thought when I saw this picture was that G looks like a dwarf when in fact I am sitting on his knee. But as you can see, it was a nice story, and it was a great day. Here, if you want to see, is a small slideshow of the wedding day. Everyone dressed up, bought us gifts, the weather was amazing (even though it chucked it down all morning prior) and people just had fun and still talk about it! I must say that alot of people told me that it wouldn't work out, that it was going too quickly, and that I didn't even know him etc., But I'm thinking that now, 6 years and a couple of months down the line, somethings obviously going right!

So there you have it folks. My claim to fame......... Have you ever been in a newspaper? If so, why?

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