Monday, May 23, 2005

It's been a while..........

I know, I know, you're all wondering where I was! I have never gone more than a day or two without blogging, and here I go, almost four days! Sorry about that! and I don't even have any 'real' excuses. I worked a third shift (I'm still loving my dispatch job), which made me completely exhausted for the next day or two, then I worked a 1st, and in between I was (and still am) packing for our move. Basically what I'm trying to say I've been knackered! Todays post isn't even that good, it's just a quick one to say hi, let you know a couple of things then a bye. I promise it will be most excellent tomorrow though!

So here goes:

Shit like this drives me mental. I busted my arse bringing three kids up without ANY support from their dad, but still didn't fleece the country/taxpayers like they are. In the US, they take your drivers license away from you if you don't pay child support. They should soooo start doing that in the UK. You know why this pisses me off? My kids dad didn't want anything to do with them, yet I almost had to ask his permission to leave the country with the kids. Yeah, he doesn't want to see them but can keep them from having a far better life. Screw you, and screw you nasty skanky arsed teenage bitches. Who wants to bet they are grandparents by the time they are 30, like their mom!? Just an FYI, at the current exchange rate, this 31,000 pounds is 56,700 US DOLLARS! They are not paying any rent, tax, childcare fees or anything, yet still BITCH and moan about not having enough. These people are why I came to the US. Granted, there are similar situations here, but christ almighty, not nearly as tacky.

Now on to something far less stressful.

For some reason, I have fallen in love with Bjorn Borg again. Hhhhhhm, let us have a look-see to try and fathom why this could be?

Could it be that he is so god-damned sexy? Praps.


My knickers are sopping!

AND while we are on the subject of drop dead gorgeous tennis players, lets hear a big shout out for the almost as sexy but not quite, Boris Becker......


and the moody-looking-but-I-bet-he's-a-good-shag Goran Ivanisevic.


His lips are just begging to be kissed.........

Now looking at those pictures, put me in a great mood. What say you? I bet even YOU Jonathan got moist looking.........

So, aside from being completely knackered this weekend, what else did I do? Not much. Went for a drive with my man, and on the way home, we passed Kims house. We thought we'd pop in and say hi, (plus we were busting to use the lav) but she wasn't in. Do you think thats rude? Stopping and using the lav in the first five minutes (if she'd been in that is?) It wouldn't bother me, so peeps, take that as an open invitation, my lav is yours...... Anyway, Kims aunt is not doing well, (I found out from her blog) and I left a comment saying sorry, but then right after that, left a comment telling her that we had stopped by and that I wanted to use her loo. God, that sounded awful and reading them, it looks naff. Sorry Kim. I really didn't mean to talk about two completely seperate things in one comment. I'm really not insensitive... Sorry!

I have all week off now, so after having a good sleep tonight, a good blog in the morning, I should be ready to do more packing.

Thats it, and while I haven't actually posted a blog, I have been reading everyone elses. I can tell you anything you want to know about the blogging world, test me if you don't believe me.... I just never got around to actually writing my own.

See ya! oh, and don't be all forgetting about my 80's party on Friday!

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