Wednesday, May 18, 2005

You are cordially invited to my 1980's party.........

I have just bought the 'Bowling For Soup' album and was listening to their '1985' song and was dancing away and was like "You know what? I miss those bands and that era" so I thought I would do something about it.

I'm having a party.

Actually, this is what is happening.

Next Friday, I am going to have a 1908's day. I am going to wake up, get dressed in 1980's gear (either from the searching out my closets for old stuff or going to the local Salvation Army store for stuff), and I'm going to party on down to 80's music ALL DAY!!!!!!!! I may even do a really nasty curly/crimp jobby on my hair just for that extra special touch! I mean, come on! Look at these pictures. Aren't you getting in the 80's mood?



Duran Duran!


Haircut 100


and Blondie?


You KNOW you wanna come and party on with me!

Friday May 27th 9:00 am - whenever!!!!!!
Pop and Pizza (or beer and Pretzels)

So far, it's just going to be me, but you can come if you wanna! Appropriate 80's attire is expected (dayglo stuff per Wham!, perms and bleached hair per Duran Duran etc.,) and dialogue from either 80's movies (Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, St Elmos Fire etc.,) or 80's songs is the given for our conversations. Please say you'll come?

See ya there........

I WILL be taking pictures even if I'm the only person that shows up! and if you can't attend but will be partying in spirit at your own home, please send me pictures so I can post them too! Sincerely.

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