Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Elf Shorts - A phenomenon

To catch up, read this this and this.

They arrived! The mule didn't lose his way, he was well cared for on his epic journey from England all the way to the US! he was just taking his sweet old time! He's here, thats all that matters!!!!

So, continuing in this craze that has taken over the world, check out Kim and give her a caption (fnar fnar!) You never know, those shorts could be on their way to you and you could be appearing 'short-ly' in your very own caption competition!

I'm so going to call Channel 5 news and get them to cover this story that has taken hold and captured our imaginations!

It's amazing! Go on, do it!

G shorts


f shorts
New Zealand

w shorts

k shorts


Where next?????????? YOU decide!

but leave a bloody comment on mine so I know you've been here......

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