Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm apparently old and short, and just WHERE are those Elf Shorts Jon?

OK guys. How tall do you think I am? Judging by the pictures you have seen of me, how tall? Don't go by the size of my boobs in that profile pic, as you will be wrong.

I'll give the answer in tomorrows post. The reasoning behind my question is two-fold.

First, I was speaking to Ms-Mac yesterday all the way over in Switzerland, (bows down to Alexander Graham-Bell) and for some reason we got talking about height. Ms Mac is taller than I would have guessed. I will let her tell you how tall she is. How tall do YOU think she is?

Secondly, I have met Kim and she is taller than I would have guessed too. She has long legs. Does that sound odd? It wasn't meant to be. I'm sure if you ask, she'll take a picture of them for you one day, mind you, you should be able to guess from her holiday pictures.

(Both Ms Mac and Kim are great friends by the way!!!!)

Anyway, I guess I'm just feeling short today, and it doesn't help when my sons are taller than me either (even though I can still kick their arses!)

Now as for me being old. We have a commercial currently playing over here, and it's for some kind of dog flea treatment.. Anyway, as commercials go, it has a pretty catchy song. My daughter LOVES it. She knows it word for word. The song is a take on an old song, Camp Granada. SO, as I'm such a good mum, I went to the computer, and found the original song, which first of all she didn't believe existed and thought I was making it all up, and secondly, she thought this was even funnier than the actual commercial.

Here she is with her friends (she's in the middle) the night before she went on her trip to Canada!)


Here for your listening pleasure, is The camp song not the dog song.

Now, the reason I think I'm old is that nowadays (and I should be shot for even saying that word!!) the majority of songs that are in the charts are old songs just updated. Take for example DJ-Sammy - Heaven. This was first done by Bryan Adams a couple of years ago, but then re-done. When I first heard my kids playing the newer version I was all "Oh, Bryan Adams did this" and all I got in return were blank looks, and threats to have me cut in half to count the rings...... I played them the original version and they HATED it! I don't think I have heard one 're-done' song that is better than the original. Have you? If so, let me know!!!!!

And have you noticed that the songs I'm calling old aren't even that old? Old to me is the 40's and 50's. But old to the kids is the 80's and 90's! Shocking!

So now we have an A.P.B for some Elf Shorts!

For those out of the loop, check out this. Now, Jon over at Whatevasista apparently, yes, apparently, sent them to Kim, ooh, I think it was Christmas of 1956 and they still haven't got here yet. The mule must have lost his way I'm thinking.

This is what they look like. If you find them, send me an e-mail..... We need to get back on track.........


and finally........

I'm thinking of going blonder. I wanted to be more blonde that I went last time, so I'm thinking another trip to the Hairdressers is called for. I want to be Kelly Ripa Blonde.


Scratch that. I want to BE Kelly Ripa.

So, how tall, how old and locate?

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