Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Dag nabbit

You know what I find really spine-tingly nauseating? (and I know you will all think I'm weird) is when people use 'nice' words when they want to swear. I mean, I know it's polite and all but really, come on folks.

Like, when people say "Dag Nabbit" instead of a good old fashioned "God-Dammit" (and I have to tell you, no-one can say that quite as well as my husband. I'm so proud of him.)

And when people say "Freakin'" instead of "Fucking" (sorry mom!)

And "Sugar" instead of "Shit"

However, I don't mind when someone says "Futher Mucker". For some strange reason, that makes me laugh! Odd I know.

Oh and Karma, I know so many people that say "Fucktard" now! It's like a swearing chain! Pretty soon, we will have the whole world doing it!

But on to other things. We are selling our house. As you all know, I'm not a fan of housework so if anyone feels like coming round to give me a hand getting this place straightened out, I'd appreciate it. I'll have tea and Hob Nobs available, or if you just want beer and liquor, I'll get it in. I don't care. Just get your arses round here.

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