Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Those were the days my friend..........

Having just read the amazing Ms Mac's Dr Who-101, I was startled at how much I missed the Daleks. Fancy that! Then I got to thinking about the other stuff I used to watch and to tell you the truth, I have been sat here with a big grin on my mush, just reminiscing. So, I thought I'd give you a quick "Stuff I used to like" list, for those who are interested!

Hang on while I go turn J-Ho off the TV downstairs. Bitch. Can't stand her whiny assed voice.

TV Shows

Worzel Gummidge


Every Sunday tea-time this used to be on. A real-life scarecrow who changed heads more often than I change me knickers! He was in love with the awful Aunt Sally (she was the Little House on The Prairie's answer to Nellie Olsen!) He had his own language Worzeleeze, and everybody, sing after me, "You put a Wer after W and a Wer after o, a Wer after r and away we go........." I remember one Christmas getting a stationary pack of Worzel stuff and bloody loved it!


Imagine my surprise at checking this out and finding out it is back on the screens! Can't remember when this used to be on but I just alwasy remember watching it. Looking at the pictures on the website took me right back. How funny to think that we used to watch this show. I didn't even realise it was from a book!


With his crappy webbed feet? Addictive but crappy. If this was on now and my kids saw me watching it I'd die.


I remember the very first time I saw this show, sitting with my mom and laughing our arses off. I loved this show. Saturday mornings after Tiswas!


Who can forget the Tiswas cage? the Phantom Flan Flinger? Trevor McDoughnut? and how the show then did a late night thing for "adults" called OTT? God I loved this crap!


Who can forget Jamie Sommers (and Steve Austin - The Six Million Dollar man) Who can forget the sound as they ran faster (in slow motion) and did amazing things!? Great show!


Now on to food I used to love. I say food, but I mean sweets. But when you are a kid, shouldn't it only BE sweets and not cabbage and sprouts and green beans?

Cola Cubes




Black Jacks

Flying Saucers

Slush Puppies (The mother of all Brain Freezers!)


Now I'm hungry for more............

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