Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dancing brooms and Housework Diva Bitches

For the past few days I have felt the presence of dancing brooms of doom, chasing me around the house telling me to get my fat arse up off the chair and do some housework!


Do you think it might be a sign that I need to actually DO something?

I guess I should take a leaf out of Monica Nassif's book and make my laundry room a.... how does she say it?......oh yes, a "pleasant place to work".

Do you think this woman has ever done a days laundry in her life? And as for telling us not to forget to sing along, well, that just bites my arse! Yeah, I sing songs about how happy I am that I'm lumbered with the bloody laundry AGAIN!!! Oh my heart just sings with joy.

Housework makes me so happy! But not my kids! This is how they see me!


So I'm doing housework. Well, I will after I've watched last nights Survivor, drank a cup of tea and surfed all your blogs, and, and , and........ damn, there is just no putting it off is there?

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