Saturday, March 12, 2005


Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary, tonight we are going out to dinner to a really nice place, as I am working tomorrow.

For 6 years I have been married to George and what a full 6 years it has been.

We have:

  • Moved 4 times
  • To 2 different states (which is pain in the arse for Immigration and BMV purposes)
  • Been on vacation to England (several times), Ireland, St Johns, Florida (twice), the U.P in Michigan.
  • Decided we didn't want to try and have a baby of our own (thank the heavens for that smart decision)
  • Had 9 jobs between us (8 of those mine!)
  • Made tons of home improvements
  • Had 3 vehicles
  • Argued seriously 5 times
  • Sent 22 bouquets of flowers (him)
  • Had 5 tattoos
  • Changed hair color 18 times (me)
  • Driven each other mad countless times.
  • Forgotten Valentines Day once (him)
  • Forgotten Anniversary once (me)
  • Renewed our wedding vows
  • Had one car accident (him)
  • One hospital stay (me)
  • Fed me jello once
and many other things that would just seem pointless to you but to me mean everything. As independent as I am, having someone to look after me and be there when I need them means alot. He does that for me.

Here is a quick (if you speed it up!) slideshow of my man and me (for those that are interested........) There are only a few pics but you get the gist of who we are......

All within 6 years.

I guess I should say that I love him and that I can only hope that the next 6 years are as good (but without the car accident, the fights and the hospital stay - oh and the moving house too many times........) Do you think I'm asking for too much?

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