Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sunday lovely Sunday........

I like Sundays. They are peaceful, relaxing and just plain lovely days.

I like this Sunday better than most.

Today is my wedding anniversary. We went out for dinner last night to Epiq, a great restaurant nearby and just had the best meal EVER! (I had Hen and Lobster something or other - French!!). Here is a pic of me and my man. (I look very shoulder-y and like I have huge arms but I really don't !!!!!!!!!!) Don't get used to the reddish hair, I'm going blonde on Tuesday!


Two bottles of that wine and I could care less how I looked! Happy Anniversary G!

I also had a good day today as I took my first two 911 calls! I was calm throughout and felt that I helped somewhat. What is funny however, is that as I dispatch the F.D. and P.D., every other department in the county can hear my calls, and then they call us to compliment me on my accent etc., At this rate, people will be writing tickets and getting ill just so my voice can be heard!!! Sorry, people of this town!!!

By the way, here is a pic from my swearing in ceremony at the City Hall (not very good but the best G could do what with the 'official' photographer being in the way!)


I'm gonna get a bath now, and then get ready for going out to dinner to the fantastic Olive Garden.

Thanks for all the comments wishing us congratulations! 'Preciate them!

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