Monday, November 29, 2004

George Edward Knapp

I have been married for almost 6 years and I find it so stunningly hard to believe that it has been that long and I don't mean that in a negative way AT ALL! I want to tell you all about my man.

Before I met George (who shall be known as G from here on in - in this Blog) I had a few pretty disastrous relationships. There was the odd boyfriend or two which wasn't anything serious, and then there was Shaun - the biological father of my children. I will not waste much Blogging space on him but let it be known that the only reason he is EVER mentioned is because without him I wouldn't have my children. After finally realising that we just weren't going anywhere I decided to call it quits - it was the best for both of us and the kids.

After Shaun I played the field - well, I actually played a few fields but the less you know the less chance there is of my story being sold to The News Of The World! :) I partied hard and well is all you need to know. While out doing all this partying I had the bad luck to meet someone called Darren - a sailor no less. He was friends of my friends boyfriends etc., Now you would think that with me having the knowledge that he was a sailor that would have rung a bell in my head to run a mile, however, I wasn't listening to any bells, sirens, horns or anything! You could have hit me over the head with a sledgehammer and I wouldn't have paid attention! And yes, as you can imagine - that was another disastrous relationship that lasted four years. FOUR YEARS! I could cry at that. He cheated on me countless times, treated me like dirt, lied etc., you name it, he did it! But I was stupid enough to put up with it. Eventually, we split up and this relationship was very easy to get over after the initial two weeks of being upset as he was shipped to who knows where (I'm sure there were whores whichever country it was) for 6 months so there was no coming back and forth - seeing me in a pub getting drunk and begging me to take him back etc.,

I SO was not ready to start another relationship but then I met G. (I'm smiling just thinking about him)

There are various versions of how we met and I'm not going to a) tell you the truth or b) add another story to the many other stories out there. Suffice it so, we met and fell in love. Within a week of meeting him (physically) he proposed and I said yes. I cannot count the ways that he is different from any other person I have met which is one of the main reasons I said yes. He flew back to the States and on the very day he flew back, my phone rang and it was Darren! Imagine that. Asking me to meet him for a drink. Just hearing his voice on the phone made me just ill and also made me even further sure that I had made the right decision. He couldn't believe I had met someone else! (that also makes me just chuckle at his stupidity - what? I was just supposed to put up with his whoring, lying and everything else? er, I don't think so!)

Within a month I had emptied my house and was flying to the States to meet my man!

Life over here is so unbelievably different you can't even begin to imagine. It was very difficult at first, getting used to everything (I'm still not 100% there) and the kids too had their whole lives to change, but change they did. Obviously only knowing G for such a short time, there were difficult times, adjustments to be made etc., but over time we have succeeded.

G is smart ( and is often dumbfounded at how incredibly stupid I am!! - I'm not complaining!), he is caring (he adopted my kids!), and he takes so much care of me it is ridiculous. After enduring relationships where it has been all give on my part but no receiving, this was hard to accept, but over time I grew to accept it. He constantly tells people how lucky he is to have me but it should totally be the other way around. If I hadn't met G, I would still be living in a crappy house in Seacroft, still searching for someone who would probably end up being just like the other losers I dated, not getting anywhere in life. I don't even want to think about what would be happneing to my kids. Our lives are so much better for having G in them, you have no idea. If it hadn't been for G, I wouldn't have met all my friends and you know who you are........

So much so, that we re-married in July! White wedding and all! (Now I know some of you are laughing at THAT!!!!!) I know there isn't anything that he wouldn't give me if I asked, and he should know that it is the same vice-versa.

I love him so much my heart hurts thinking about it. I can only hope that our future is just as good as the past 5 and a half years or better. My life is just expanding by the minute and I have G to thank for that!

He is simply the love of my life.

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