Friday, March 11, 2005

An alphabet I'm getting to know..........

I'm 35 and the alphabet I have come to know and love is the basic 26 letter A thru Z one. Pretty easy, pretty useful and basically always there for you.

My 16 year old on the other hand apparently has an easier alphabet! You know what kids are like, if there is an easy way to do something, then they do it (even if the easy way is harder to acomplish - remember, logic is not a gift most teenagers have acquired!)

Anyway, the alphabet my son uses, has two letters.

D and F.


Yep, you guessed it. Report cards came today! He got an equal amount of both letters (doesn't want to discriminate against either letter when he loves one as much as the other).

I am now getting worried. We have tried EVERYTHING to sort him out but nothing is working. All I want him to do is get through high school at this point. I fear that is asking too much!

Anyway, I am going to get completely trashed tonight, as I fight the flu, the report card and *whisper* Blogger.

Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow, my hangover will have cleared everything up and I will be happy once again! Is there a wine that can do that? I will happily pay over the odds for it!

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