Sunday, July 13, 2008

Two years later, they got me!

We got back from vacation late Friday evening and let me tell you, each person had a 'Top Ten' list of things they were most looking forward to after being away for two whole weeks. It was fun, and I'm sure I'll mention bits and bobs about it sooner or later but for now, I'm just glad to be home.

I came home with some kind of 'head' thing going on. It started on the Wednesday prior to our returning and got steadily worse but after the whole fiasco of my broken ankle, I was hardly going to see a Dr. over in the U.K. about head pain and have a Dr. (or janitor as the case could very well have been) tell me "Oh, it's just a headache" when in actuality, it could have been a tumor or worse.

It is probably nothing more than an inner ear problem but after puking several times and falling over many more, I had to go see my own Dr. first thing Saturday morning. The Dr. then told me that "out of all the people that come in with similar symptoms, you are by far the worst" I had to go to the ER for a CAT scan STAT! (He did! he said it with an apostrophe at the end!!!!!!) We are still waiting for the results however, I'm sure by the lack of communication it can't be anything too alarming. Either that or I'm gonna drop right where I'm at and if that IS the case, it was nice knowing you all.................

I am STILL very dizzy and constantly trying to walk in a straight line but ending up leaning against the wall hanging on for dear life. I'm not throwing up anymore though so that's nice. The Dr. gave me a prescription for both the dizziness (side effects may include nausea - HUH!) and for the nausea (side effects may include Dizziness - I SHIT YOU NOT!!!!) so we shall see how I feel over the next couple of days.

Anyway, I came back to lots of mail - majority of it junk mail but one envelope was rather intriguing.

It was from the Department of Public Safety - oo-er......... Suffice to say that one line in the letter states;

"Therefore, after much consideration, we are recalling the license plate character combination VAH JJ"

78/365 - Testing the new cellphone camera

This line was preceded by lots of "Obscene" and "Offensive Combination" and such like wording. So there you have it. They finally got me after two years. Now I just have to think of something to replace this with for when I call them and they ask what I want the new plates to be. Right now though my head isn't on right so I'm not worrying about it. I'll probably call them next week.

While I was away we had limited internet access and before the trip I remember thinking "How will I ever survive?" No really, I was in withdrawal, suffering from the old D.T.'s, scratching at the bit, REALLY REALLY worrying whether the internet world would survive without me and vice-versa.

Hhhhmmmmmm yeah, about that. I received 189 e-mails four of which were actually important-ish and relevant. The others, not so much. My Cell phone received 105 messages while I was gone, and the majority of those weren't important really. On those rare occasions where I COULD check the internet, I basically checked e-mail, the odd Gossip Blog, of course blogs that friends have and Flickr but that was it. News-wise bugger all happened that was of any relevance.

So I made a decision. I am going to cut down my internet habit drastically. Checking e-mails only as and when. If it's important, people know how to reach me (as I say this I can hear my cell phone alerting me that I have a text - LOL). I took myself out of most of the groups I was in Flickr - many because I simply wasn't involved and others because the aggro was just too much and causing a strain in my life that I just don't need. I have to be more productive in other aspects of my life such as actually engaging in activities with my kids, doing more with my photography which is really kicking off and things like that. I will of course remain blogging seeing as I have got back into it again!

So there you have it, a change in my life both vehicular and internet wise (with a bit of health thrown in for good measure...... ) Not bad for missing two weeks don't you think?

Oh, my favorite pictures from the vacation? Here you go.

Alcove at Notre Dame Notre Dame Cathedral

Rainy Day at The Louvre La Tour Eiffel - Fisheye

I shall be back shortly with fun and gruesome details about the vacation..........


Michael said...

It's about time they clamped down on your vulgar license plate, and to think I watched Mr. Mac lick it!

How many letters do you get? You should do Photo Gurl or PicGurl or something like that.

Fuckkit said...

K but you're still gonna let me kick your arse in Bowling Buddies right?


Some of us haven't got lives yet!

Gutted about ur rego plate. Seriously, that's a fucking cool plate.