Monday, July 21, 2008

I Like Hospitals I Do...............

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As you know I had to go to the hospital for my 'head problem', well, it STILL isn't sorted out and I have a follow-up appointment at the doctors tomorrow. The doctor had better do SOMETHING because I simply can't keep feeling dizzy, nauseous and just flat out crappy all the time. Nope. No can do.

Anyway, early Monday morning, just as George was on his way to work, some guy rear-ended him (and not THAT kind of rear-ending!!!!!!) at 65 mph and he crashed his car. The car was totaled, every air-bag deployed, and George was promptly rushed to the ER by ambulance. Don't worry - as I know you were, he is fine. He has severe bruising, whiplash and is in a lot of pain but he lived and WILL live.

George about to go for X-rays

Unfortunately, the 'other guy' wasn't insured. Of course he wasn't! He was given a citation for reckless driving and will be appearing in court this Thursday where he will also be charged for driving without insurance. He called George on Friday to 'ask how he was' and to see if there was anything he could do and to also cry and ask George not to press charges. He told George that he had lost his car as he can't afford to have it repaired and that he was going to lose his job etc., etc.,

Yeah, well, it sucks to be you! George could have died, or been severely injured and you want us to worry about your job? I feel for the guy but really, if you can afford to work and own a car you should have to be able to have insurance. Bloody Hell, we don't have Safe Auto for nothing you know!

Other car-crash related phone calls have also been received from Laywers! I swear, the accident happened on Monday and by Tuesday we had gotten five phone calls and 6 letters in the mail. This was the next day! I wish other people worked half as fast at getting in touch with us..... They do send out some pretty fridge magnets though!

Aside from all this hospital/medical related stuff sod all else is happening. We can't drive, we can't go out anywhere and are pretty much stuck at home until we are both on the mend so there is nothing to report. We did however finally manage to get our hands on a Wii ~ courtesy of Michael in Chicago, so that has alleviated A LOT of the boredom.

Anyway, that's about it from this end. Hopefully once we are 'fixed', there will be exciting and interesting news from this corner of Ohio!

Have fun!

Oh, my favorite pictures! Almost forgot.......

Paris, France Paris, France

The Crew, 2008

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Michael said...

I hope G feels better.

The problem is, even if you sue him and win - you'll never collect any money from him.

I was in an accident where the other guy didn't have insurance, fortunately my insurance picked it up and then THEY sued the guy without insurance.

At least you'll have strong arms from playing Wii