Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What Do These Things Have In Common?.........

  • Half the crew of the Titanic
  • A bald tyre (Tire-US)
  • An old bicycle
  • Tons of sewage
  • A wellington boot
Give up?

Well, it appears that all those things were fished out of my ears this morning when I went for them syringing! I SHIT YOU NOT!*

Not that I can hear any better for it and now the doctor wants me to go see a neurologist - YAY!

Bloody bloody head problems.

* I was disgusted but the doctor - bless him - said this was normal and he had seen far worse! So that's nice.


Michael said...

Is that where my orange bicycle went?

Michael Manning said...

Be well, Andi! I wish you a peaceful weekend!

Michael Manning