Friday, June 20, 2008

So, Facebook, that character building initiative you have going? How's that working for ya?.....

Do you have a facebook account? I do ~ 'gotta keep wiv da Kewl Kids n all dat'*

It's fun to play scrabulous, do fun quizzes and to catch up with all the gossip that is going on...... but every now and again, I just have to shake my head.

Facebook has this thing where you 'compare' your friends. Some of the things are quite ridiculous and you get to choose between two friends as to 'who is the most cuddly' 'most bestest friend to hang out with' and stuff like that.

THEN, after a while, you get an e-mail that informs you of your comparisons. Not what YOU have said about others, but what they have said about you!

Yes. Here is the screen grab of my e-mail!

It gives me such a warm feeling down deep to know that my 'weaknesses' are creativeness and likely to succeed. Really, get me some Horlicks STAT!

Luckily, I have thick skin (VERY thick in the soles of my feet region but that's another post another day.....) so I take this with a pinch of salt but you KNOW somewhere out there, shaking a fist to the heavens, someone is sobbing hysterically in a corner screaming "Why, Why don't they love me?"

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you, so the next time you use your Facebook and begin comparing, think of me that someone, crying, feeling sad and lonely.....

By the way, in the "The Whole New Me" department? I am doing awesomely. While I may still think bad things about people that PISS ME OFF, I keep the thoughts to myself and simply ignore the people (or at the most, banter with small talk and keep it to a minimum). It's actually working out quite well! Who knew?!!!

In other news, LOTS going on and we are busy busy busy..........

Photography wise, things are going great. I did a LONG photo shoot yesterday and it was so much fun - I could only HOPE that all shoots are like this in the future.......

Family-wise, we are all getting ready for our trip to Europe next week. The kids started packing three weeks ago and have since re-packed about 8 times. I will TOTALLY have to check the bags though coz I know they'll be packing swimsuits etc., forgetting it's bloody England and France we are going to! The only swimming they'll do in England is if it rains - which as you KNOW, it does!

In Entertainment news - I CANNOT get this song out of my head.

Did you ever have a song that, inexplicably just remains in your head from the minute you wake up to the minute yo go to bed? That one is the one right now. Last week it was Xanadu and the week before it was a George Formby Classic - "When I'm cleaning windows" so, don't give up on me yet. Comment with a song that is getting on your nerves now and maybe THAT could be new one!

and that my friends is about it for this post. Shit to do, and places to go and people to....... oh whatever. I'll be back before you know it!

Oh, before I forget, my favorite pics..... (you can click on them to take you to my Flickr account to see the rest)

M.R. Photo shoot KP Box - Photo shoot

KP Photo shoot - out take

* If there is one thing that bloody well drives me mad is when kids text like this. Actually, strike that, when they send an E-MAIL like that! WTF?** You have a keyboard in front of you and it takes hardly any time at all to actually spell THAT instead of DAT? There is only one bloody letter difference!!!!!!

** Notes the irony of using WTF and LOL ~ so don't bother starting to compose that e-mail berating me.


Antipodeesse said...

Dearest Andi,

We are leaving for NZ tomorrow and I'm so sorry I won't be here to greet you (and protect you from horrible French people, lol!).

Bon voyage Baby, and let's compare notes when it's all over.

And then, we will always have Amsterdam!


markus said...

2 songs i can't get out of my head

and the local disco is playing this one

yes i'm in germany meeting up with someone i met online