Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Oh God, It's 1986 Again..........

Back in 1986, I went to see the movie Top Gun oh, only about 100 times.

Seriously, 100 times. I think it was mentioned in a local rag somewhere, for setting a record or something. Anyway, I had a MAJOR crush on Mr Cruise and Anthony Edwards..........

Well, as you know, Ole Tommy Boy has had a lot of negative press recently and my interest in him waned progressively to a point of abject distaste whenever I heard/saw anything about him.

Until now!


Tom recently made a couple of appearances on Oprah! which I didn't see, yet I hear all about them. Then I found out he has recently started a website (I'm sure he didn't personally create it himself) and I thought I'd have a quick gander, check it out, see what it was all about......

*excuse me while I go change my knickers that are slightly damp now.......*

Just looking at the gallery, made me fall back into 1986 and fall waaaaaaay back in love with him.

I mean seriously;


Wouldn't you?

OK. I'm off for some alone time........ be back soon!

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