Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's Been a While.........

I really HAVE been meaning to post but I've either been too angry about what I want to say or at a complete loss for words or just busy with my photography stuff!

As most people know, my family and I are soon to be heading off to the UK and France for 2 weeks vacation. We will be heading to my hometown of Leeds for a couple of days first, then to Paris, France for 4 days then back to Leeds then traveling through the countryside, visiting friends, hopefully going to Scotland and then back to Leeds and then home. Not only is this a LOT of traveling, there will be 8 of us! George's two kids are coming with us and my sons girlfriend and my daughters best friend are tagging along too. It will be a fairly interesting trip as 4 of the 8 have never been to the UK and I am the only one who has ever been to France so hopefully everyone will have fun!

My biggest concern about the trip is what appears to be a recent spate of violence and stabbing/shooting attacks which result in the deaths of teenagers. You don't believe me? Well, I read the BBC website every day and in just one day - JUST ONE DAY - this slew of reports was available to readers:

Kids with weapons
Boy kills woman
10 boys jailed, 2 kids stabbed
Brother stabs and kills brother
Teenager revenge killing
Boy stabbed in heart with sword
13 teenagers attack boy with claw hammer
Teenager stabbed in bakery
Woolies attack

Just one day! Basically, I read this as innocent people, just living their every day lives are being attacked by juveniles! Kids who are simply minding their own business are being attacked for just that, minding their own business! The sentences these people are being given are also a slap in the face! Just read the articles!

So yeah, I am slightly freaking out at the thought of going to the UK and the kids (all teenagers) wanting to wander off on their own and go shopping etc.,

In other light-hearted news (!!) my photography business is going great guns! I just sold a bunch more prints, took some engagement/bridal shots, and things are just going great....... so I am very happy with all that!

I'm heading to Chicago next weekend and imagine this, I'm doing a photo shoot! A good friend of mine has all sorts of businesses going and I am doing some 'professional' shots of him. Luckily, he is up for anything so the shots will be fun to do!

The LOST finale was on last night and it was awesome!

As you can see I'm clearly running out of stuff to say. I have a lot of things on my mind right now and don't feel ready talk about them. They involve people pissing me off (as per) and just odd feelings in general but I AM in the middle of sorting them out so will be all full of life and sparkle and wit the next time I post!

I promise it will be soon!

Mentor Headlands Sunset Balloons - Chagrin Falls


Caz said...

Oh Andi... don't panic... you have sensible kids with even more sensible parents... things will be fine. Paris will no doubt be absolutely amazing... everyone I know who has been have nothing but marvellous things to say about it. I can't wait until I finally get there... it's a bit like New York... on the list of things to do (you know... the one with WIN THE LOTTERY" at the top of it).

This is a great post.... it's about what's important to you right now... and thats what blogging is about.

Oh and you ended it with my two most favourite pictures from your recent work.

Cat said...

oh I would worry too but I am sure that everything will be fine.

Where has your cute page gone?

I hope you have a fab holiday sweetie xx

Take care