Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm flattered............and will gladly accept my award!

The award for coming up with crazy ideas that is!

Remember back in Christmas of '04? Yes, THAT long ago.............

I started a competition ~ The Freaking Green Elf Shorts ~ and the object was, you created a caption for the photograph of someone wearing the shorts and if you won, you were the lucky recipient of those shorts for the next leg.

Anyway, three and a half years later, the shorts are still working their way around this wonderful planet of ours.

For the full definitive history of the shorts and their travels, check here.

Anyway, I was checking my Flickr account and checking pictures that other people had put up and you will never guess what? It appears that someone is capitalizing on my idea* and they have created a group called The Traveling Tutu. Hhhhmmmmmmmmmmm

Personally, I think the Elf Shorts are MUCH prettier and we as a group are waaaaay more inventive!

Long Live The Elf Shorts I say................

*I say they are copying, they may say they came up with it on their own....... You be the judge :-D

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