Thursday, June 05, 2008

It's 3 am I must be lonely................

Well, 3:19 am! I'm working 3rd shift and all is quiet. Usually around this time, the eyes start to close, the desk looks like it would be a comfy place to rest my head and all thoughts of answering the 911 leave my head. Not that I have ever done that often!!!! LOL

As some of my sharp eyed readers ~ yes, I still have them ~ have noticed, I changed the layout of my blog. It WAS accidental honest! I was deleting some pictures in my Flickr account and accidentally deleted a bunch that the woman I used to design my blog in the first place with had used. Hence, when I went back to look at my blog, all sorts of weird stuff was happening, and not weird in a "are you high as a kite?" kind of way, more of a weird 'Are you fucking delusional?' kind of way! So, I went back to Blogger, dug out something like this and Hey Presto, Bob's your uncle! Welcome to my 'freshly puked baby food' look!

So, how have you been since we last spoke?

I am busy sorting out my trip to Chicago on Friday. We have all SORTS of things planned and funnily enough, there WILL be video evidence available shortly thereafter so hang in there won't you?

Over the past few days, I have been thinking a lot about my friends. Somedays I get lonely and miserable and all 'woe is me'....... but then someone will call, send me an e-mail or text message and remind me that I DO have friends and they think of me as often as I think of them. Strangely enough, most of these friends I have never met IRL! I KNOW! How lucky am I that people who have never met me are willing to befriend me? LOL

I have Carolanne over in Plymouth, UK who is a love! She e-mails, sends me sweets and tea-bags and cards that have exploding things that explode? when I open them! She is a certain "gotta meet" whenever I can make it down those parts!

Then there is Fiona Finch who I talk to on Facebook a lot. In fact, I just kicked her arse in several Scrabulous games, one wherein I scored 131 points for one word! Boo yah!!!!! She's a Leeds lass and as you all know, that's where your favorite Ropey Old Bird is from!!!! (You had better NOT have checked that link!!!!!!)

Next on my list is Claire. She is currently in New Zealand after traveling ~ for what seems ever ~ around Australia. Again, Claire is a person I have never met but let me tell you. When she writes about getting strip-searched through customs and uses lines like "If I was gonna have to get naked in front of strangers whilst stone cold sober I could at least look vaguely hot instead of having a minge you could sand door frames with." well, what more can you say? She is right at the top of my list of "want to shag Meet her". I mean why can't I be as funny as she is?

Finally, there is Helen in France! I would link to her blog but it's marked private only so that would be kinda useless. What I will do however is link you to this blog that she shares with my buddy Stella (who I have met so she's not really supposed to be on this list!!!! ) Helen is a star! She has helped me out massively with the trip we are taking shortly seeing as she er....... lives in France? She's bloody fluent I tell you! Anyway, they share this blog wherein they 'talk' to each other. See, Stella lives in Switzerland which is more or less just down the road from France you know?...... This blog is very funny, in fact, one of the posts they did just recently may or may not have just made me wet my knickers when reading it which is slightly embarrassing when you are at work and can't leave for 4 hours to change. That post is here.

If you don't laugh at that then what can I say?

Anyway, I'll get to the point. The title of this post mentions something about it being 3am and me being lonely, and quite frankly, that is very far from the truth. Even though I may physically BE on my own here in the office, in my life I am far from it. My life is enriched with so many people that I should never take anyone or anything for granted. Ever.

I want each of you to know that I appreciate everything you do, the way that you do it and I hope that I give you back all that you give me and more.

Thus ends my latest post.


P.S. I shall also - with the new template - be adding 'pictures I have recently taken and that I like a lot' at the end of each post.

WPF Stair walking, Central ParkMentor Headlands SunsetEvening Light, Cleveland


Nelly said...

Andi Baby, you're a special lady....

But what is it with you and Stells and your mutual bladder problems? I don't think I can join that particular club ;(

Antipodeesse said...

oops, that was me, antipo! wrong blogger ID!

Mickle in NZ said...

Ooo, and it was that Antipo and Stella that led me to your blog. Been reading for months, apologies for not saying hello or something.

Antipo will soon be here in Welly NZ. After 26 years since we last saw each other I am older and wider while dear Antipo is equally older yet still bloody well petite! Must be her regular 3 hour stomps around the forest

Hope your travels go well, thats one hell of a lot of teenagers to travel with. Huggles

Le laquet said...

Oh those photos are lovely - Fi is also currently kicking my arse, wait you're kicking hers which means SHIT I don't want to play you ... enough of that from Stella ta!