Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Is There AnyBody Out There...................?

Yes, I'm still here.


I can't believe there are times when I think my life is mundane and sod all happens. Apparently, A LOT happens, hence my complete lack of posting. I'm such an arse.

Let me give you a quick re-cap - in case you actually still care - of what has been happening here at Chateau Knapp.

Well, as you know, July was vacation time for us.

67/365 - Boobs and Beach

Followed swiftly by a nice four day trip to Las Vegas.......

Footsie Anyone? 87/365 - Going Out On The Town

Wherein I didn't gamble, but I did do a lot of shopping, spent time by the pool and went to see a show. I wanted to see Celine Dion but the inconsiderate bitch was on vacation! I think I may have briefly mentioned this in my last post.... oh well. All the while, missing my internet life........

Then, we had relatives in from England for a couple of weeks. They don't have computers so don't appreciate the amazingness that is the internet and don't understand why I would want to spend any time at all on the computer. Suffice to say that I didn't really use it much. I KNOW!

The photo group I belong to on Flickr had it's Anniversary show downtown at the Kelly Randall Gallery, details about it are here. That was so much fun I can't even tell you! I had three pictures in a show at an art gallery! I'm so proud of myself!

Me?  In an Art Show?

We DID throw a party while they were here and I have to say, from what I remember about it, it was A LOT OF FUN! Drinking, whirlpooling, duck-diving, volley-ball, drinking, eating and drinking happened A LOT! All the while, missing my internet life...........

Thad the Duck Master Debated......

Also, I managed to get in a spa day with Denise, we went bowling and did all sorts of other fun stuff. All the while, missing my internet life.............

Georgia managed to pass her temps and is now driving George insane - literally!

Then my rellies went back to England.

I had a day or two to catch up on laundry, getting school schedules for Georgia who is going to High School next week, sorting other bits and pieces out and then I was all prepared to get back into my internet life, with e-mails, texts, posts, Flickr uploads etc., and then......................

George broke his ankle.

Put Them All Together & What Do You Get?

So, my day for getting back in touch with you all has been put back somewhat......

George is in severe pain, is already asking for sponge baths - no IDEA what he is talking about - and is high as a kite on crappy Vicodin. He is about to upgrade to Percocet once I go to the pharmacy to help him out!

So there you have it. I'm kinda back to normal and regular blogging should resume shortly.

Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

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