Monday, July 30, 2007

I REALLY should pay more attention!

Most people out there know one thing about me for certain. I don't do shopping.

*she says after a day spent buying a brand new lap top, frogs and vase*

But really. I'm not a person that can spend a whole day just wandering aimlessly around a mall, going into stores and trying shit on that I don't even have the slightest intention of buying, then eating lunch AT the mall then doing more non-buying for the remainder of the day.

Personally, when I shop I know what I want, go in - half the time not even trying the stuff on, then I'm out. Over and done with.

But lately, therein lies the problem. When I'm walking into the store, I don't look at labels OR which which department I'm even in half the time!

This past week, I'm ashamed to say that for myself I have bought mens boxer shorts, four maternity tops and a nursing bra!

Yes, you heard me, a bloody nursing bra! I just looked at the size, and put it in my trolley. I got home, put it on and wondered what the little hole-y things were and why the straps came loose at the front but not in a "wear-it-strapless" kind of way but more in a "get-yer-tits-out-for-the-lads" kind of way!

Then I read the label.

Light bulb moment!

Luckily for me, G can wear the shorts, and the tops are kind of the style at the moment right now. But what about in the future? What if I go shopping for some socks and come home with a new microwave. What if go shopping for some knickers and come home with some napkins and a full dining set?

Answer me that!

In other news, I'm feeling much better and we have only four days till Vegas.

* I hate shopping for myself but if anyone comes to town, I'll shop all day!

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