Friday, August 31, 2007

When I Grow Up I Want To Be A ...........


Every year, well, towards the end of each year anyway, I always talk about how I'm done with traveling, how I'm sick of flying and airports and stuff like that.

I know.


Well, I have come to realize that I LOVE traveling, don't mind flying so much and airports? Well, will anyone EVER like them? Nah......

Anyway, like I said, I have changed my mind and have to declare to one and all;


Over the past two years alone, I have been to:

Switzerland (loved it)
Chicago (bunches of times)
New Zealand (to see my brothers)
Dallas (J.R fan that I am)
Punta Cana D.R. (vacation)
England (sad and good times)
Ireland (friends live there)
New York (After Chicago, my most *hearted* place)
Canada (well, someone has to)
Las Vegas (Gamblers Anon)

and so on and so on.......

Just in the past two years!!! I've had fun at all these places so I can't imagine why I think that I don't like traveling.

Recently, I was invited to a party back in Chicago and after having not been there since March apparently - that and the fact that I love Michael, I decided to go. I got a cheap flight and it is booked. While doing so, I also remembered that I had said I would go back to the UK for my birthday and the birthday of a friend around the same time, so I have been checking into that too. I'm going around the end of October, and get this, while there, I will be nipping over to Ireland (cheap at $90 round trip).

Remember my recent trip to Vegas when I said that Celine "I'm a selfish cow" Dion went on vacation so I couldn't I see her show? Well, I was sorely disappointed at that so checked into getting tickets when she wouldn't be on vacay, and lo and behold, I managed to grab a decent seat for a show at the end of September. George also - for future anniversaries and Christmases and Birthdays through the end of 2023 - managed to book us a first class flight round trip to Vegas and a penthouse-y suite at Ceasar's. So that makes three trips before Christmas, well four if you count Ireland!

But we aren't done! George and I are going to be traveling to Todi, Italy in May of '08. Staying in a castle no less! We are going to be staying with a bunch of people we met through Flickr so that is going to be so much fun I can't even stand it! The countdown has already begun.

We are going to be taking our main vacation next Summer to Europe. Instead of doing a one week thing, we will be taking the kids for two weeks to England and traveling to Scotland, Ireland, London, France etc., so that should be fun too, especially as two of the kids have never been to that side of the world!

At Christmas next year we shall be visiting my brothers again in New Zealand. What with it being their Summertime during our Winter, how cool or rather 'hot' will THAT Christmas be? Awesome.

I'm sure in between all these major trips there will be a Chicago, New York or some such other trip taking place so, for once, I'm LOVING traveling.

The only thing that would make this any better would be to get paid for writing, reporting, taking pictures etc., while doing it!

Anyone know how I go about this :) ? Maybe I should create a travel blog or something.

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