Friday, July 27, 2007

If It Wasn't For Where They Put The Thermometer......

Since returning from vacation that was Punta Cana, D.R., I haven't been feeling too well. For 'not feeling too well' read 'pretty much living on the loo.'

74/365 - Er....... My Vacation Present To Myself!

Not sure quite what is wrong with me but I DO know what isn't right!!!! Also, since returning from the kennels while we were away, Daisy Bagel hasn't been feeling too well either. For 'not feeling to well' read pretty much the same thing as me but the dog loo.

Daisy Bagel Knapp

George just got back from the vets office where he had taken Daisy to get fixed but, as she was ill, they wouldn't operate, instead, they gave her a bunch of pills and told us to return same time next week. Actually, they were much nicer than I give them credit for which brings me to my post today.

George mentioned that prior to them leaving the house, Daisy threw up once, then threw up IN the car twice on the way there, then threw up AT the vets office twice. While there, the staff couldn't have been nicer. They cleaned up the mess with no complaining, gave George wipes etc., to clean his car, coddled the dog to death and made sure both were fine when they left.

Basically, a dog gets away with everything.

Dogs slobber all over the desk when they get to the vets and pretty much bark and howl from the minute they arrive till they leave and the vets smile cheerfully - I'd like to see my doctor treat me as well if I slobbered all over their front desk, never mind shouted and complained loudly.

Dogs can shit and wee basically anywhere they please and the vets will just smile, give a shrug of the shoulders with a hint of 'dogs, what can you do?' - I'd like to see my doctor just smile with a 'Andi, what can you do?'

Dogs can throw up and be nervous about traveling and operations etc., and the vets will just clean it up and ask if "everything is OK and can they do anything more to help?" - My doctor will take me off their list of patients and send me a bill. A big bill at that!

I'm thinking my dog is getting better treatment and that if I continue to feel the way I do, I'm going to lube up and make an appointment at the Animal Hospital.

In other news, George has started speaking with a Welsh accent.

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