Monday, January 15, 2007

You know your friends are your best friends when.......

...... they ask out loud in a cafe whether you have hairy toes and you don't really mind.


You know that feeling, the deflated "back to the grindstone" kind of feeling you get when you return from a vacation or a quick trip? I'm suffering from that right now. As you know I took one of those 'quick trips' to Chicago to visit my friends Michael, Dave and Jimmy and as per, it was great. I had so much fun I can't even mention half of it!

As it was a rather last-minute visit, there really wasn't much time to make a 'to-do' list so we just did what we always do, eat at the Little Corner cafe, made fun of all the 'gurls' of which there were plenty, I eyed up many MANY "too young for you Andi" gay boys, went shopping, drank and took lots of pictures. Dave also grabbed me and we went to get a manicure and a pedicure, hence the above 'hairy-toe' comment from Michael when I protested that, as it is Winter I have my Winter Fur legs (TMI?) and that the girl doing my pedi surely did NOT want to get splinters while massaging my lower leg. Apparently this did not sway her and she did a lovely job.

We also went dancing! Almost every time I go to Chicago we usually end up drinking in and having fun but this time Michael SWORE we would go out. So, we ate, went to Dave's and drank our way through two bottles of Champagne then went to Big Chicks to go dancing, on the stage no-less!.

Sunday, we obviously slept in and when we eventually woke up the first thing we needed was breakfast of the 'greasy' kind. We were up so late that we in fact had lunch and met Margaret, our server who was from Glasgow. (Funny that Michael has eaten at that place for oh, a couple of years and he didn't even notice her very obvious Glaswegian accent!)

Later on, while Jimmy was watching the Bears, Michael asked if I wanted to go to Graceland. I was all "But I'm flying home at 6, do we really have time to go see where Elvis is buried!?" Apparently, he did not mean THAT Graceland but this Graceland, the really cool and awesome Cemetary nearby. So we both took our cameras and off we went.

We could have taken plenty more pictures had Michael ONCE AGAIN not been kicked out of the place. That man could get kicked out of his own skin if he tried hard enough! For a viewing of the VERY cool stuff we saw there, check here, and for pictures of my trip in general, check here.

So all in all, it was a very successful trip and the next one is already in the planning process with Michael and Dave coming to Cleveland to come see the Princess Diana Exhibit with me, so I can't wait for that.

Anyway. Now I'm back to miserable rainy weather, miserable kids complaining that there isn't anything to eat, yet my cupboards are bursting at the seams with stuff to eat. Oh wait. You have to COOK it? Oh, I completely understand then, and life in general.

Ho hum.........

I'd just told him the funniest joke EVER! My buddy Jimmy Dave's rings Yes, I'm still pregnant and it is still yours!

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