Monday, January 22, 2007

"Is your lens dirty?" "No, but I WAS thinking of getting a bikini wax"

I have this habit of not paying attention to certain things. Conversations, directions, things that you should, perhaps, pay attention to! Everyone makes fun of me for it but you know what? I'm 37. If I'm doing this now, it is FAR too late to do anything about it!

The above brief conversation took place this weekend between George and I while watching a basketball game. The thing is, I wasn't daydreaming, or just flat out ignoring him, I just felt like saying what I said when I said it. That's what I do. Those who love me just accept that this is part of me. There is a part of my brain that just works differently to the rest and I happen to think it's cute.

The part that isn't cute and is just flat out annoying is this. I can't rememeber what I did Friday night but I CAN tell you the very first telephone number we had when we got our first phone oh, 22 years ago. I can't tell you your name 5 minutes after being introduced to you but I CAN tell you the name of our landlord 7 years ago right down to HIS telephone number! That isn't cute.

I try my hardest but like I said earlier, it's too late now. I'm thinking of getting a truckload of notepads and writing down my every movement, meeting and conversation, much like the kid in Little Miss Sunshine, maybe that way, I'll be a 'better person'.

In other news, seeing that I have spent the past few days taking pictures with my new camera:


I have to start paying attention to cleaning my house and actually remembering the names I gave my kids when they were born. I'm thinking I have a Phyllis, a Roger and a Nigel?

I'm also looking to start a Photography class. This new camera is pretty awesome but God, there is so much to learn! What with that AND Photoshop? You'll be lucky if you ever hear from me again!

Aside from that, bugger all going on in my world! But after reading all my linked blogs, apparently, other people are up to all sorts! Claire is Down Under on a 'year or so out' trip and is just flat out hilarious! Stella is off gallivanting in Rome somewhere! Michael is daydreaming about Rex Grossman sans undies and it was Carol-anne's birthday Friday so feel free to offer congrats!

I'll be back with horrifying tales of things I have found whilst tidying up the house *shudders*

Hopefully, the dust won't eat me alive!

* If anyone has had a bikini wax, was it worth it? Just asking like.........

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