Friday, January 05, 2007

It's a Beautiful Day.............Parts I & II

Part I

Remember I was telling you how depressed I've been blah blah blah.......?

Well yesterday, we decided that we needed the day off from all the madness that is post-NYE/Xmas, kids and the like. Usually we go to Hocking Hills or some place peaceful, away from the crowds etc., but this time we just left it up to Google. We typed in "Things to do in Western New York" and it brought up a plethora of stuff.......

Plethora! Like that?

Anyway. Google took us to Letchworth State Park which is approximately 3 point something hours away from Ohio so off we went.

Just so you know, Letchworth State Park is described as "The Grand Canyon of the East". A fairly non self-effacing description you think?

So off we went, and I have to admit, it was pretty awe inspiring. I can't even imagine how cool it is during the Summer/Fall months with the leaves etc., It was a great day, away from all that is going on in Ohio and generally just a calming, 'sort yourself out' kind of day. The slideshow of our trip is here but if you don't want to check the whole thing out, here are a couple of my favorite pictures. Once you've looked at them however, continue reading the rest of my blog, to find out just how more amazing the past two days has been!!!!

with the self timer again, me and George Obligatory tourist shot Steps Film grain gorge Middle and Upper Falls

So are you back?

Part II

OK. Back in March of last year, I wrote this brief post. Basically, a delinquent kid in my old neighborhood was pissed with Dan and decided to beat him up in our front yard after following the school bus and chasing him etc., etc., I intervened and in the process was hit too.


The whole case has been going on since then, and the kid at first pleaded NOT TRUE then didn't turn up to a bunch of court hearings etc., (You know how it is, other things get in the way of court hearings!!!!!!) Well, The trial was today at 2:30 pm and he decided to change his plea to TRUE. However, unfortunately for him, he also had two other assault cases he was pleading TRUE to and tresspassing and a bunch of other stuff!

Well, I was ready for the case (have been since March) and basically when it came time for me to "Say my piece" I let rip........

Come sentencing time, the Magistrate gave the Delinquent Kid 270 days in the Detention Hall, with probation added and drug and alcohol testing too.

This is good. The bad part is that he is on what they call a Level III sentencing. This means that after 17 days, if he behaves, he can be released. Yes. 17 days! Why they bother with the whole 270 days is beyond me. But I have it on good authority that this kid will more than likely NOT be good and will more than likely DO the full amount.

Whatever. It's over and done with. Now, I just have the other two kids that were with him during the assault to contend with! Wish me luck!

I shall end this post with my most favorite picture of yesterday.


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