Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas, I Love You But I'm Glad You Are Gone.....

It is a well known fact that I, Andrea Knapp, *heart* Christmas. I love the whole atmosphere, the feeling, the buying presents, the decorating, just the whole Christmas experience in general.

However, this year, all was not right. I have tried to put my finger on what went wrong, but can't exactly settle on one particular point. Could it have been the depression I have been feeling for over a month now? Or the fact that my kids aren't babies anymore and that getting up really early just isn't their 'thing'? Could it be that I see the whole Christmas thing through the eyes of a child yet I'm 37 years old and should know better? Who knows?

I do know that I won't chalk this year up as "The Best Christmas Ever".

Don't get me wrong. The kids were happy with what they got (I think), and both George and I were too (kinda), but it just seemed like I put so much effort into the whole thing and yet, within an hour or so, it was all over and done with. I felt deflated.

Then, as though to hammer home the fact that my Christmas was doomed from the start, #2 son Daniel, decided to go and ruin not only what was left of this magical time, but also thought "Well, her Christmas is fucked, let's try and do the same to her New Year!" and let me tell you, he succeeded! I won't go into details but trust me...... Tears a-plenty sprung forth from my eyes......

Have I depressed you all yet?

Is there an upside to all this sadness? Yes. We think we have figured out that unfortunately, we both suffer from SAD and there is only one way to temporarily cure this. George and I decided that next year, we will do Christmas early and then a few days before the big day we will all be taking a vacation to somewhere hot. To a place where they don't celebrate Christmas. (Is there such a place?) We really don't celebrate with family so it isn't like we'd be giving up a huge thing.

We won't be returning until after the New Year.

I feel like such a grinch, especially as I've always been the one that gets excited about the mere mention of snow, presents and the like..... However, for my sanity, my marriage and just our health in general it has to be done!

On that note, until I post again (when I am not quite so manically insane) I shall leave you with a couple of pictures of the good times (yes, there were a few) over the past week!

My new camcorder I totally got these t-shirts for Christmas! Georgia Georgia and Me! George & his guitar Nick NYE drinks Montage Dan Self Portrait shot #113 The calm before the storm

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