Wednesday, November 22, 2006

There was a time when I actually LIKED Christmas shopping!

Well, I am no longer sedated! I didn't show the dentist my boobs and I didn't make quite the dent in G's credit card I thought I would when I went shopping!

*just a side note - for my previous post, I Googled Sedation images for a humorous pic to put on my blog, however the first two pages were pictures of Anna Nicole Smith so that was a no-no*


I am almost done with shopping. Almost. Friends have been the easiest to buy for and yes, you WILL like what I got you OK? The kids however? Not so much.

I mean they have quite clearly TOLD me what they want, yet the THINGS they want - par example - A Nintendo Wii is like trying to ask my boys to pleeeeeease go one week without getting into trouble, impossible! (more on that later) They don't want clothes, and I don't want to just give them mall vouchers as that takes up, oh about 2 minutes of envelope opening and gives me about oh, 2 days worth of whining coz they want to go to the mall nooooooooooow on Christmas Day to spend them! I am personally not a shopper. I can't walk around a mall for hours and hours. It numbs the mind and just makes me knackered to tell the truth. However, I did the shopping in increments, and did fairly well. Visited a few of my favorite stores like EVER and wrapped them before the kids could see what they are getting (although if they are like me when I was young they'll be sneaking looks as often as possible)

But, aside from the impossibles, I only have a few last minute things to buy and I'm done. I have to mail a few things to some close friends and family especially as CERTAIN PEOPLE are going out of town for Christmas! but once that task is completed, I am done.

Fortunately for me, I'm working Christmas week, and yes, that includes Christmas Eve AND Day! Fab! BUT, it gets me out of the house for tidying up all the wrapping paper etc.,

So there you have it. Oh, and in other WET MY KNICKERS news, check this out!

Oh yes they did!

Uh huh!

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