Monday, November 13, 2006

I Died and Went to Dallas Heaven!

George mentioned that as he was driving home from work, listening to NPR (see, I'm not the only one that listens to non-hip radio stations!), there was a segment on Dallas. Actually, more than that. It was a segment about a Southfork replica that had been built, in of all places, Slobozia,Romania. Imagine that! I HAD to Google it of course, I mean, I am the Original Ms Ewing dinchaknow! and lo and behold, HERE is an article about it!

George just rolled his eyes, STILL in disbelief that I'm such a fanatic!

To show JUST how much of a fan I am, I have not only enrolled my daughter in the school of "How to Love and Appreciate Dallas; 101 - Loving JR". Oh no!

Get this! Come Spring Break? Georgia and I will be going on the Southfork Tour! We will be flying to Dallas, Texas and just having fun!

I think I just wet my knickers! Really!

April will see us actually looking at the Gun That Shot JR (henceforth known as TGTSJR), eating at Miss Ellie's Deli, and buying several items such as Dallas clothing, Dallas accessories, Dallas gifts, and Dallas collectibles! We will also make a small video wherein I will re-enact various scenes from Dallas, which I'm sure will include me floating face down in the Dallas pool pretending to be Kristin!

I will also scout out places such as The Cattlemens Club, The Store and maybe the place where they shot the outside of the Ewing Oil building!


*goes to change*

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