Friday, November 10, 2006

When a Toys R Us brochure was so much easier!

I remember when, the month and a half before Christmas, I would just give the kids a bunch of brochures that came in the mail and tell them "Circle what you would like Santa to bring and I'll make sure he gets the list!"

Now that the kids are all older (18,16,15,13,10) it is that much harder.
  • I'm afraid to get one son a video camera for fear he goes into the "Porno director" career.
  • I'm afraid to get one son the ticket he wants to go to England for Spring Break for fear he'll drink himself into oblivion while there under no adult supervision whatsoever!
  • I'm afraid to get my daughter the digital camera she wants for fear she'll take better pictures than me!
  • etc., etc., etc.,
Christmas shopping is making me afraid! What's up with that?

I just want the old Fisher Price, the baby doll, the Action Man, the Stretch Armstrong days to come back!

That is my Christmas Wish list! The good old days!

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