Monday, October 09, 2006

You do WHAT on the internet?

I was recently talking to some people at work, and mentioned my upcoming trip to Chicago. One of my 'workmates' asked how I met someone in Chicago and I mentioned the I word!


*said in a really scary monster echo-ey kind of way*

Thus followed a rather detailed question and answer session wherein the following phrases were used:
  • "Are you craaaaaazy?"
  • "And George allows you to do this?"
  • "You don't even KNOW these people"
  • "Again, George knows about this?"
  • "Please tell me this is the only person!"
  • "Have you researched these people on Google at least?"
  • "You ARE crazy!"
Well, it turns out that no, I haven't Googled any of my Internet Buddies. Nor are they crazed psychotic killers (at least...........?) And don't even get me started on the George 'allowing' part........!

This whole conversation got me thinking. Just how many people HAVE I met via the internet?

My first *blushes* internet meeting was my friend Tiffany, a fellow Brit, who currently resides in Nebraska. I've visited her twice, once by flying and the next time by driving. Well, George drove but don't get him started on that! We were introduced to each by commenting on a popular website that was Coronation Street related. That was 6 years ago! My time has flown!

Next on my "people to meet" list was Kim. We actually met Kim at a bar that is mid-way between our houses. Kim also brought her daughter with her, I guess in case George and I were swingers/crazy/just plain odd. Then, once she figured out we WERE normal, the rest of her family turned up and we were invited back to her house after passing the test.

This was closely followed by meeting The Macs. This was a very pleasant union *oo-er missus* as it entailed George and I travelling to Switzerland. We didn't see much of Switzerland however, as the Weather Gods decided to take a massive dump on us that week. However, we drank copious amounts of Rasberry Vodka, I turned purple (how could they not love us after that?) and we laughed. Alot.

My next "victim" was the Lovely Jonathan. I was visiting England/Ireland to see my mum, and thought I'd thrust *again with the fnar fnar* myself upon Jon. Which, as he is a shy gentle kind of guy, quite possibly sent him to the nearest hospital for people going through a traumatic experience in life. Traumatic in the "I'll never be the same again/How could she DO this to me" kind of trauma! He was very nice about it though. So that's nice!

Finally, I met Michael!. Through Michael I met Dave, and Art and Tom, and 'Tress, and Nate, and the lady at the breakfast place that always has that "Does she know he's gay?" look on her face whenever Michael and I eat there. I have visited Michael twice and LOVE him. I have had a lot of 'firsts' *fnaaaaaaaar......* with Michael and it only get's better. He's only around the corner (almost), and I feel I can talk to him whenever I need him. He's just always there and of course, I wanted to spend my birthday with him (George WAS going to visit with me, but circumstances make it not possible) hence my upcoming visit!

I'm an internet stalker.

So, there you have it. Who have you met and is the number more than mine?


Er........ may God strike me down with whatever he striketh people down with.

My first Internet meeting was George. How on EARTH could I forget that? But you've already read about that and know all the gory details I'm sure so, let's just assume he's a given. 'K?

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