Friday, October 06, 2006

The Search is ON!!!!!

Not for my colon! Although, I just realised that if you were waiting for updates on my colonoscopy, the title of this post may be misleading! The colonoscopy did go well though. I was sedated beyond belief and had to be RE-sedated as I began to feel the procedure! (I'm sensitive - what can I say?) but overall it went well - once they had removed all the polyps etc.,. George took the day off as it was apparent I was incapable of looking after myself once we got home. I was dazy, repeating questions a million times and in danger of wandering off by myself and being found downtown in just my pyjama's asking "Where's Harold?" like some old woman suffering from Alzheimers.

Anyway. Back to the search!

Lately, well, actually for a long time now, I have been very very depressed. About my weight. No really! I have! When my weight finally reached a figure that includes the numbers 2, 9, and 1 (you can rearrange that anyway you want, it is STILL bad and NO, I am NOT 129 lbs) it finally hit me.

I'm fat.

When I'm excited that I lost two pounds and the way that I did it was by drinking the laxative stuff for my colonoscopy, it hit me that it's not good to be fat. I watched The Biggest Loser the other day and saw a woman who I thought was huge and she weighed only 10 pounds more than I did! Then I began thinking how distorted my view of my body is.... I think to myself "Well, I know I have an 'apron' as Stella and Deana like to call it, and a huge fat arse, but I'm really not ginormous........."

Apparently I am.

I am enrolled in a local gym, but, I go there and it's full of all these thin people working out like there is no tomorrow. No fat people there at all. I don't really have anyone I can excercise with. I know Stella would go with me but she's in Switzerland. I know Claire would go with me but she's in England. Deana works all hours so......... It is so much easier when you have someone to help, to motivate etc.,

Food wise, we do eat out alot but I don't really eat fatty foods all the time. I get salads, and eat chicken etc., But I have no idea which foods are good and which are bad. It all depends on which diet you are on.....

So. I made a decision. Actually, while watching the Biggest Loser. No, I'm not applying. I'm not big enough! Imagine that!

I'm going to go to a health place, fat farm, boot camp, weight loss spa, call it what you want. I want to go somewhere like the place on The Biggest Loser. I want to go somewhere, for a week or so, having a one on one trainer who will be making me excercise, standing by me while I do it, showing me what food I should and shouldn't eat, helping me out basically in every aspect of weight loss.

I researched a couple of places on the internet.

This place may be the place. If not that one, then this one.

Expensive, but after speaking to George wherein I was crying hysterically if not over dramatically, I asked if it could be my birthday and Christmas present rolled into one. Looking at his tear-stained, fat wife*, he agreed. (I'm not sure when I'll be going though, probably at the start of January - gives me time to prepare myself!) I tried to find some places in Ohio, some not-so-$$$$$$$, but can't find ANY. If anyone knows of a place like that, in Ohio, let me know!

If you look at those places, you see that people go for 1-6 weeks in blocks. I'm not that rich! But, I do think that after a week of working out and eating properly (and hopefully some weight loss), I can come home and continue the effort. I'll have seen the benefits of working out properly and will keep it up.

I won't quite look like this:

But I just might give or take a couple of months!!

So there you have it. Not exactly a New Years Resolution, or a fad. I cannot continue to be this big and getting bigger all the time. Wish me luck!

* George thinks I'm fine the way I am but, he also wants me to be happy and not crying hysterically in public too!

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