Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Taking the long road

I'm back from my road trip to Xenia. I was going to have a really delightful, interesting in a "You'll never guess what I saw" kind of way, story about my trip.

I was!

But looking at this picture........


as you can clearly see, miles and miles and miles and miles of highway don't really hold much interest for anyone except roadkill picker-uppers. Oh the fun they have!

Me on the other hand - not so much. I really need to find a new route there, see if that holds something that may interest my fellow bloggers.

I did see this though....

Pick a letter.............

I mean, at what point do you, as the owner of the store think to yourself "hhhmmmm, maybe I should put some letters on that there sign...."

*said in a really Southern hick-y accent*

Here is my gift to you. Create a sign using those letters (in that order) and the best one will win something - to be chosen by me at a later date.

I'm good for it too!

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