Friday, October 20, 2006

Open letter to Mr J.R. Ewing

Dear J.R. (I can call you that can't I?)

I *heart* you.

Every day, at 2:00 pm, I sit with my cup of tea, blanket, remote control in hand and TV set to Soap Network channel.

You make my heart race, with every sneer, with every "Barnes!", with every "Darlin'", with all that you do.

This week you have been deeply saddened by your daddy's death in the South American Jungle and I wanted to pass you tissues to help dry your tears. I wanted to hug you and tell you "It'll all be OK".

It will.

As far as that tramp Sue Ellen? Please stay away from her. She is no good for you. She is currently sneaking behind your back with "that Barnes" man, did you know that? She is!

Bobby? He is trying his best, but right now, he has the whole Christopher adoption mess going on (You know he thinks Christopher is your son don't you?), and Pamela Sue is driving him crazy! I agree with you, she should have stayed in that nuthouse!

Your mamma loves you and just wants what is best, please don't be too hard on her!

I know right now, you are going through a hard time, but believe me it'll all work out in the end.

I'm here if you need me! You can reach me at 1-800-j.r-love. I'm only a call away!


Andrea Knapp

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