Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Looking around as to what I could possibly want for my birthday, I happened across this! What more could I want? Except, this is the thing. There aren't enough singles in the world and peekaboo dance dollars don't cut it! I wouldn't exactly call myself a 'sex kitten' either. Mind you, I think it might be worth the purchase price for the DVD with 'suggestive dance moves' included. Mind you, as you can see below (and those who have been to our bar will attest to) we already have a pole for dancing. Brass colored too! So, I guess I'm going to be crossing the "Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit" off my list then.....

Steller All getting in on the action

*keeps looking for other expensive gifts*

P.S. Before anyone mentions it, NO, this will NOT be my new hobby :)

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